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Top 7 Customer Success Email Templates that your team needs!

Customer Success ensures that your customers remain happy customers. Its objective is to guarantee that your customers get the most value from your product. A section of this job is carried out through email marketing. Sending an email with the appropriate intent at the right time is essential to a good customer success email. The below-listed Customer Success email templates, fortunately, will make your life easier

What are Customer Success email templates? 

In customer success, email marketing is among the most effective strategies. Emails are a direct line of communication with your customers, and if they are engaging, they can drive them to valuable material. This content can then be used to inform them, answer their queries, and perhaps persuade them to upgrade to a more advanced version. The email alone may improve customer loyalty by making them feel important. All of this, however, is only possible if your emails maintain the reader’s attention.

So, these emails, undoubtedly, have to be crisp, clear, and concise to grab the receiver’s attention. 

Drive Customer Success throughout the Customer Journey!

Why are Customer Success email templates important?

Most businesses make either of the two mistakes: 

  • Sending too few emails or 
  • Sending just so many emails.

Since email marketing plays such an important role in customer acquisition, retention, etc., it’s crucial to get your customer success email strategy in place. You must email individuals to assist them to 

  • get the most out of your product, 
  • make them feel appreciated and a component of your milestone triumphs, and 
  • prevent them from churning with unique offers and discounts.

Customer Success Email Templates

It’s time to begin forming connections! Customer onboarding provides the ideal opportunity to make a lasting first impression. If it can be customized, that’s a significant plus. Every new consumer is eager to get the most out of their money. “What’s next?” is the most pressing question on their minds at this point.

It’s your role as a Customer Success Manager to make this crucial shift simple and enjoyable for them. This is as excellent a time as ever to establish a rapport with customers and earn their trust.

Onboarding Kick off Email templates

The Customer Onboarding stage is the first step in the customer journey. You need to have different templates for various tasks and triggers that you create for customers. The first one on the list is to kick off the onboarding journey. For the same, you can use the following template.  

Hi First Name

Yuppi!! Your CustomerSuccessBox instance is ready. Find your access credentials and API key information below. For now, we have not cleared any sample test data, so you can play around if required.

We are really excited about working with you and bringing you on board. 🙂

Thanks again for the opportunity. Let’s do this!

Onboarding Kickoff
We would like to invite you to an onboarding kickoff call this week (your availability).

Introduction to your xxxxxxxxxxxxxIntroduction to xxxxxxxxxxxSign off on the Onboarding Plan————————————-
Access Credentials (enabled for xxxxx)
URL: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxx

To get the API key you’ll need to log in. An API key is available under xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Technical Resources
Also find the resources for your tech team, if they wish to review.

Getting Started Guide for Customer Success and Product Manager
Getting Started Guide for Developer
APIs and Javascript Library
Knowledge base
Success and Support Contact

We’ll directly work with you and your team to make this a success for both of us.
Phone: xxxxxxxxx
Live Chat: You can live chat from within the product (when available)Email: xxxxxxxxxx

Cheers !

Quarterly Business Review Template

Welcome email & Introduction of CSM email template

Welcoming customers and introducing their Customer Success Manager is typically the first email that goes out. So, you must make sure that you create the best impression possible. A great welcome email improves customer engagement and retention. You can use the following template to welcome your customers. 

Hi {First Name},

Welcome to CustomerSuccessBox!

This is First Name your Customer Success Manager and I’ll be walking you through the entire journey.

CustomerSuccessBox is a customer success platform that helps high-growing B2B SaaS companies reduce churn and grow their recurring revenue.
It enables Customer success managers like you to deliver a consistent customer onboarding experience, improve retention and drive upsell 

We’re that excited to have you on board!
Let’s look at what we are…

To get started, we have an intro video if you’re more of a movie buff.

Also, we’ve launched a training program for CSMs. This will help you with ways to utilize CustomerSuccessBox to its best. So go ahead and get yourself registered.

Now that we’ve made our first move, let’s build contact and I’ll be in touch with you. My upcoming emails will help you keep up with your work. If you need any help, just reply to this email.


‘How to set up a profile’ email template

This is an important step in the onboarding journey. Customers usually get stuck and timely help in the form of emails would help. 

Subject*:Here’s how to set up your profile on CustomerSuccessBox!
Hey {First Name} ,

The First thing to get started with CSB is setting up your profile 🙂

For this, you need to first log into the CustomerSuccessBox. If you don’t have access to CustomerSuccessBox, just do “Forget Password” & set up a new password.

This Guide will show you the steps in detail. Below are quick steps👇{add screenshots for the steps}
Step 1: Adding My Profile information
Click on the User icon present on the top-right of the Portfolio screen. 
Step 2: Adding signature
Step 3: Adding a profile picture
In case of any issue, please contact the Support team( at CustomerSuccessBox.

CSM Journey templates (example-playbooks)

These templates are necessary to send when your customer is in the ‘adoption’ stage of the journey. A CSM sends these emails to check if the customer is adopting the product as planned or not. 

A CSM’s time is largely spent simply ‘checking in’ with client contacts to ensure that everything is going well and that they aren’t having any problems. So, include sections for personalized anecdotes in this template, such as a specific project a client is focusing on or a new release they just installed. For example- sending alerts for checking out playbooks. You can use the following template for the same. 

Subject: How to manage playbooks effectively in CSB
Hey First Name 

You’ve come so far! Come on, give yourself a pat on the back. And now it’s time for you to start managing your processes. We call it playbooks. Let’s dive into it 👇

A playbook is a detailed checklist or blueprint of steps, tasks & business outcomes prescribed by your Head of Customer Success that you should follow during the customer journey. It will help you track your progress. 
This video will walk you through how to manage playbooks effectively.

What to expect in the video?

Understanding what is a playbook in CSB.
Learning how to view a playbookUnderstanding how to manage different processes in the playbook
How to effectively manage tasks & communication in playbooks
What to do to be on top of your accounts
How to check whether a customer is moving in the right direction.
Step 1: View the playbook using the “My Playbook” view

Step 2: View the detailed view of each playbook

This Guide will show you the steps in detail. 

Also, your playbook will be created by your administrators. But still, you can learn more about how to Create a Playbook here.

Hope you’re good to go.


Customer Journey Template

Reminder Invite to a Webinar

To collect client tales, case studies, and testimonials, customer success teams collaborate with marketing. It takes time to contact customers with these marketing requests, which is why using a template is a great method to grow operations. The best aspect is that your marketing team may contribute to the creation of the template, giving it that unique “marketing touch.” 

Webinars allow you to provide more value to your customers while also allowing for more possibilities for expansion revenue.

Make sure to emphasize your clients’ problems in your emails to make them more persuasive. Then remind customers that your webinar will offer them useful information that will assist them to conquer their specific problems.

Here’s a template you may use to entice your consumers to join a live webinar hosted by your company:

We’re LIVE in 15 minutes! Unveiling our new Customer Success member- Sheldon [AI]
Hi there!

In 15 minutes, we will go live with our Webinar [Customer only] -xxxxxxxxxxxx

We have been working tirelessly for the last couple of years, and finally, D-day arrives xxxxxx. I will walk you through the xxxxxxxxx

I‘m excited!

Here are the details –


When: xxxxxxxxxxTopic: xxxxxxxxxx
  Please click the link below to join the webinar:

International numbers available: xxxxxx

See you in 15 minutes!


‘Follow up’ emails template

A lot of following up and going back & forth is inherent in customer success. You need to know if your customers are doing fine or not, etc. 

Subject*:Let’s get your tasks done
Hey {First Name},

It seems there are many tasks created for you. But I see you’ve completed less than three tasks in the last five days 😔. You’re busy and I understand. But pushing your tasks for later will delay your schedule and do no good. So let’s buckle up 💪

If you feel wrong tasks have been created or you are clueless about what to do to complete them, talk to me, I can help 🙂


You can use the following template also as an option. 

Subject*:Following up if you know how to snooze alerts in CSB?
Hey {First Name} ,

Now you have them hitting you up for important scenarios that you’d not want to miss. But I see you’ve not attended the latest one. I am talking about Alerts in CSB

So whenever you’re notified with an alert, go ahead, act on them, suppress them or create a task for yourself to get yourself reminded of the action you want to take on!

In case you’ve missed watching how to manage alerts, this video will walk you through the entire process.
If you are a reading person, we have a guide for you.

Invitations to QBR 

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are an important part of Customer Success. These meetings between the CSM and customers help you analyze if everything is working fine or not. Now, when you invite them, ensure that they respond back and attend the meeting as well. That depends on how convincingly you invite them through emails/calls. 

Check out the below customer success email template for QBR to invite your customers for the review meeting!

Subject*:CSBox<>CustomerName | Invitation for Business Review meeting
Hey {First Name},

Hope you are doing well.

It’s been close to 2-3 months since we met in person to discuss your business and its growth!

Keeping this in mind, I wanted to set up a strategic Business Review meeting with my CEO- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. S/He is very keen to know the customers personally & strategically align ourselves to help you in your next goal in Customer Success. 

At the high level, we will discuss
Real Growth in SaaS metrics of yours like MRR Retention, MRR churn, Onboarding time, etc.
Aligning our Quarterly goal.
Sharing Best practices in Customer Success specific to your business case.
Sharing 3 months Product RoadmapTake your feedback on the product, processes, etc.

I am proposing an Executive Business Review meeting for next week. I’m setting up an Invitation, you can let me know if the proposed time suits you.

Looking forward!


Overdue Invoice Template 

Use the following template to remind your customers about the overdue invoice in their account. Sometimes, customers do fall behind their payment schedules. So, reminding them without being sulky is a great way to go about this. 

Subject*: Payment reminder
Hey {First name},

This email is in regard to an overdue invoice on your account. Kindly follow the below instructions to make the payment:
You may call our payment line at xxxxxxx
Alternatively, you can make a wire transfer to Account# xxxxxxxx

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions. Thank you.

PS – Please disregard this email if the invoice is already paid.

Best Regards,

New feature announcement Email templates 

Following is the template for announcing the new features now available in the product.

Subject*: CustomerSuccessBox at | New Feature Release : xxxxxxxxxx
Hey {First Name},

We have recently released the xxxxxxxx in CustomerSuccessBox. The new feature now enables you to:

Add new team members
Manage team members (disable and enable)
Limit access to Accounts and related data only to the CSM assigned to the Account

For more details and for steps on how you can start assigned roles to CSMs, please refer to our documentation on Team Management and Profiles. Happy to take your feedback on board as you start leveraging this feature in CSB. 


Wrap up…

Customers feel respected and cared for when they receive timely emails, which helps to develop trust and long-term relationships. It’s a process that requires consistency, as well as constant adjustment to meet consumer expectations. This means that customer success is all about keeping your consumers’ loyalty and interest. Its goal is to improve customer satisfaction and retention. 

Your Customer Success email templates should address these issues by providing or directing customers to relevant content. In your automated customer success email templates, include all key updates and events with customized greetings and wishes.

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