Top 10 Customer Success Lessons from 2020.

2020 was no normal year. Beacuse of the COVID lockdowns, economical challenges, anxiety distress, and whatnot. In all of this chaos, Customer Success was holding the fort. You kept the economical flywheel of your SaaS businesses going all through.  This year also offered a unique opportunity to work with so many Customer Success leaders and learn from them as to what was working and what is not working for them. And so here is the summary of Customer Success lessons from 2020 while working with customer success leaders such as yourself. 
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  1. Acquisition growth is dead. It is all going to be Retention lead growth.
  2. Customer success has once again proven that it makes an impact.
  3. High Touch – Low touch debate is over, it’s all going to be Remote touch.
  4. Relationships can really prove their worth in tough times. 
  5. Product adoption is still and will be the ultimate measure of value delivered. 
  6. The duration of your contract matters. Contract term had a huge impact on churn numbers. 
  7. Customer Success leaders and their leadership skills were put to test. You came out a winner. 
  8. Customer Success. We’ll have a permanent seat on the product roadmap. 
  9. Having defined, structured, organized Customer Success processes allowed businesses to go from in-person, in-office Customer Success practice to remote without any hiccups. 
  10. Customer Success technology is the ultimate enabler to delivering proactive customer success. 

Final thoughts on lessons from 2020.

Nothing in life, especially customer relations, is static. COVID-19 has served as a reminder to us all. Beyond sending renewal reminders and offering incentives to spend more, an intentional, proactive customer success program goes beyond sending renewal reminders and offering incentives to spend more. It’s all about personalizing your retention marketing to each consumer in ways that highlight your brand’s critical long-term value. Yes, you want them to upgrade in the end. But first, you must keep them. I hope the customer success lessons from 2020 I learned, will help you with your processes.

Puneet leads CustomerSuccessBox. He is deeply passionate about the three product joys - the joy of producing, the joy of selling, and the joy of ownership. His inspirations come from family, friends, mentors, people he works with and from free thinkers like Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Tim Brown (Change by Design: Design thinking) and many more.