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Top 10 Customer Success blogs to start reading today

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the Customer Success space, which means there’s now even more content out there on the web for you to research, consume and rely on. Let’s look at the top customer success blogs.


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CustomerSuccessBox is an outcome-driven Customer Success software for B2B SaaS, which helps maximize retention, drive product adoption, and grow revenue for your B2B SaaS.

CustomerSuccessBox has attracted excellent reviews from early adopters. As well as their actionable customer success platform they provide a widely respected blog. Here are some of the top-rated posts:

Three Quarterly Business Review examples

Role of Customer Success Manager in a SaaS Company

10 Customer Success KPIs


Lincoln Murphy is a leading customer success consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He posts regularly on customer success, customer experience, and customer-centricity and is a Growth Consultant focused on Customer-centric Growth. For over a decade now, he has helped hundreds of companies accelerate growth by optimizing the Customer Lifecycle.

Our Top recommendations:

Customer Success: How to Quantify the Impact of Bad-fit Customers

For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs is rated #2 on Forbes’s list of 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. For Entrepreneurs by David Skok is a blog for entrepreneurs that publishes some of the best content on customer success. 

David is a 5-time serial entrepreneur turned VC. David and his blog cover topics such as the SaaS business model and Metrics, 9 steps to get to repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth, Time to Wow!, how to design and build a sales & marketing growth machine, etc.

Top reads: 

Managing Customer Success to Reduce Churn


Drive Customer Success throughout the Customer Journey!

SuccessCOACHING helps CSMs learn proven techniques that will help them reduce churn, increase user adoption and drive more renewals.

It shifts the focus away from providing general information about the “why” and the “what” of Customer Success, to delivering practical, proven methods and practices that provide the “how” of delivering Customer Success.

Recommended reads:

Leveraging Analytics and Data to Empower Customer Success

Intercom Blog

Intercom has an amazing blog that is dedicated to customer success. The other topics covered are sales, marketing, growth, support, and more. You’ll find a lot of interesting data-driven articles on their blog. If you like listening rather than reading, you must definitely check out Intercom podcasts. They also publish articles on customer onboarding, retention, and several other related topics that will be of interest to any customer success manager.

The best articles on customer success are:

Understanding the customer success pyramid

How to balance customer success and revenue in sales

Zendesk Blog

At Zendesk you’ll find one of the most interesting contents on customer success and customer engagement. It published long-form actionable articles that deliver value. The content is really helpful because it’s easy to read and actionable. The focus of the blog is on customer services but you’ll find content on customer engagement and customer success too.

The top articles on Zendesk are:

11 customer loyalty program examples that work

Why customer success is your golden ticket to business success

The Success League

The Success League is a customer success consulting firm that works with executives to build and develop top-performing customer success teams. Customer success is the key to driving revenue, client retention, and exceptional customer experiences. The Success League blog collects top resources from their professionals in customer success.

Top reads that we recommend:

Alternative Approaches to Customer Satisfaction Metrics

How to Mature Your Customer Expansion Strategy

The Picture CS blog

Picture CS

Ellie Wu – the founder and chief evangelist behind Picture CS has a first-hand understanding of customer lifecycle and Customer Success. The platform was created to share best practices, identify challenges and constraints and find ways to solve it.

Recommended read:

Top traits of a Customer Success leader

The Customer Bliss

This blog truly defines the meaning of Customer Experience. The founder- Jeanne Bliss talks about best practices and behaviors that could fuse customers to you and create a deeper and meaningful relationship with them.

Recommended Read

5 leadership actions to build trust with those who serve customers

The CSM Practice

CSM Practice is a leading Customer Success Strategy consultancy firm. The blog talks about best practices and strategies around reducing churn, expansion selling, and customer advocacy. The USP of the blogs is the customer-centric approach it takes encompassing the entire customer life cycle, starting from Onboarding, adoption, renewals, and Upsells

Recommnded Read

Building a product roadmap and why Customer Success input is important

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