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The Top resources from CustomerSuccessBox

Customer success is important for SaaS businesses as they’re a constant voice of the customer for your business.CustomerSuccessBox builds the all-in-one solution for customer success that goes beyond just health scores and viewing portfolios. In this article, we collate top resources for customer success. This includes blogs and webinars from CustomerSuccessBox which will help you as an extensive guide for customer success.

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding- How to prevent drop offs

The blog tells you about how does the onboarding experience of the customer define the ongoing relationship you have with your customer 

Who should manage customer onboarding in a SaaS company?

Onboarding of customers is distributed in many ways like the complexity of your product? or how tech-savvy are your customers?

How can the right onboarding process increase the renewal rate?

Having the right onboarding process surely changes several things for your company including the renewal rate.

Customer Onboarding Template

Is my SaaS ready for customer success technology?

The webinar focuses on how to design the customer success strategy that is right for your SaaS company and how to operationalize, scale and automate that strategy through technology.

5 Steps to defining a perfect Customer Onboarding process for a SaaS Customer

Learn why customer onboarding is the key to increasing LTV and reducing customer churn in SaaS.

Designing a Customer Onboarding Framework for B2B SaaS

Guide your client on how to use the product so that they get used to the product and eventually gain the most from it.

Customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Segmenting Customers- What is the best way?

Not all customers are equal, learn how to segment customers so that you can work with each one of those segments in respective ways.

How can Customer Segmentation drive Customer Success?

Customer success for all customers can’t be the same and hence customer segmentation is a must in order to drive customer success.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Account Manager Vs Success Manager – What is the difference between them?

The blog helps you know how to differentiate between account manager and Success Manager on the basis of different features.

What is the best way of handoff between Customer Success and Sales

As a customer Success manager when do you engage with the sales manager for the best result.

Should CSMs close support tickets?

The blog helps you understand the key difference between Success Managers and Support Reps.

Webinar: Best Practices for a Customer Success team

In the Webinar, you’ll learn how the Customer Success team works together and the much needed Intra-departmental efficiencies and inter-departmental communication.

Ten Interview Questions to hire the best Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Finding the right CSM is absolutely important for every SaaS company. In this blog learn how to identify the best Customer Success Manager for your company.

6 Key Responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager in a SaaS Company

A CSM has a very important role in any SaaS company today. Know what are the core responsibilities of a CSM.

Job Description and Interview Questions for Director of Customer Success

The Director of Customer Success is the orchestrator and owner of the operational strategy and plan for the business.

Product Adoption

Product Adoption

What is the correct way to measure Product stickiness?

Understand why product stickiness matters and how to measure it the correct way.

Product Stickiness is a bit like going to the Gym

Product Stickiness is a bit like going to the gym. It’s all about exercising all parts of the body, every week without skips.

Customer Churn

Customer Churn

What are the three ways to Measure Churn?

Explains the three effective ways to measure churn. Because the better we analyze and measure churn, the better we will be at reducing the churn.

How to conduct Churn Analysis?

Tips on how to analyze the churn better which in turn will help you reduce churn.

Why is Customer Retention Important for B2B SaaS Business?

Onboarding your customers is just a first step in the whole process and retaining them is the next important thing.

Webinar: How to do Churn analysis

In this webinar learn a proven framework to Churn analysis and get a control on your churn.

7 types of SaaS Customer Churn you may not be aware of!

Learn how to lower Customer churn which is a major problem that requires immediate attention.

Retention, Renewal, and Upsell Strategies

Retention, Renewal, and Upsell Strategies

Renewal Template

Renewal Playbook- What magic can it do?

Different teams may handle renewals differently. Here, know-how and when renewal playbooks should be used for business and customer growth.

Gross Retention Rate or Net Retention Rate- Which is the key customer retention metrics to track

Retaining a customer is way more profitable than acquiring new ones. In this blog learn why it is so important for companies to hold on to their customers.

Strategies to Increase Upsell and How to do it the right way in 2021 ?

The blog talks about how upselling to existing customers is more or less the direct window to the Recurring Revenue for your  SaaS Business.

How to increase the SaaS renewal rate for a recurring revenue business

The renewal rate is the lifeline of any SaaS company. This blog shows how the growth of SaaS depends on renewal.

Get to 125% ARR Retention FASTER with AI.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the state of Customer Success technology and the impact of AI on Customer Success with a walkthrough of Sheldon[AI] and its capabilities.

7 Data Points That Drive Customer Retention For SaaS Business

This blog explains why customer retention is important and data points to drive retention.

Take your customer retention to new heights with CustomerSuccessBox

Learn how to fully understand what challenges your customer is facing and what your product can do to alleviate the challenge.

Three Kinds Of Early Warning System To Drive B2B SaaS Customer Retention

If you can’t retain the customers you have, you certainly can’t sell them anything more. Here are 3 kinds of early warning systems to drive b2b saas customer retention.

Choosing a Customer Retention Software? 5 Points To Consider

The blog explains why choosing the right Customer Retention Software has become so important for B2B SaaS Business

6 Exclusive Hacks Of CustomerSuccessBox To Accelerate Customer Retention For Your SaaS

Get an insight about the strategies to retain customers.

Here’s How CustomerSuccessBox Helped SalesScreen To Increase Their Retention Rate

By using CustomerSuccessBox SalesScreen was able to increase it’s retention rate by 10% in the year 2020.

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