Appreciation letter

Thank You Note and Appreciation Letter for Customers

Want to build customer relationships? Then appreciate your customers for being there! As they are mostly the ones who allow sales in the future. Building a relationship comes with a “Thank you note to customers.”

Make your customers feel appreciated by writing to them professionally. The impact of it may not be visible now but is worthwhile in the future. Like you, they love appreciation as well. So, why forget the existing customers while making new ones? Appreciate every new customer for coming onboard and the existing ones for taking up the surveys or new purchases. 

That’s the attitude you must never miss upon and if so, your competitors are well ahead of you. And it’s a gesture that comes genuinely!

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Why does it matter?

  1. Builds customer loyalty for the value invested by them.
  2. It shows them you care and it’s impactful in the needful times.
  3. It’s room for greater business and high Return On Investment (ROI).
  4. It promotes business to other valuable customers.

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How to write a thank you note to customers for business?

The letter is a true expression of emotions and need not be obligatory but a grateful gesture for their new purchases. If it’s not a handwritten note but an email then it must be addressing them delightfully.

Pick upon a format

How importantly it needs to be genuine, it also needs to be professional. Know how you are thanking them. It may be a postcard or an email note!

Know how you are greeting!

Like every business has a brand voice and style. It can be witty, sassy or quirky, or humorous!

As you write, it starts with a “Hey” or “Dear” to address the recipient. On a formal note, address them with the last name which starts with a Mr or Ms depending on the recipient. 

Deliver thank you message

Thank you note to customers for business purposes may be hard to write but shouldn’t lose the sense of genuine expression to the customers. Tell them you appreciate their business and it helps them evolve and grow.

It may be,

“You are appreciated!

When it’s about tinkling your mind, it’s us!

Despite the choices, you handpicked us and it means a lot to be remembered every time you subscribe. For what you need, we love to bring it with something memorable and we hope to be in your mind’s sweet spot for every next time!”

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Add the details that matter

It’s not just their time and money but also the contribution must be a reason for adding value. Personally write them about the interaction you had.

“Thank you for filling in the survey. Regardless of the feedback, we appreciate your opinion and it matters to improve ourselves.”

Add the certainty of looking forward to again!

It builds customer loyalty in a long run and conveys seeing them sooner. And if both are valuable to each other, it would leave an impact in the needful time. It’s more open to opportunities, anytime the client wants to reconsider and it must knock them off you.

Closing that ends well

An ending note is something that brings a smile and reminds them of your note that was written by you. Use of ending like, Cheers – Sounds fun-loving, Respectfully – Indicates you respect their presence, Have a wonderful day – delights and wishes them. Use the one which suits the business brand voice!

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Sample thank you note to customers for business purposes

Sample 1

Dear Sophie,

I’m so excited to have you onboarded with the first-time purchase of our product at this moment. Thank you!

I’m hoping you are excited as well, to see the surprising outcomes our product can bring in your journey.

As soon as you are onboarded, in just a few days our product adoption team shall make you familiar with adopting our product for your desired needs!

In the meantime, I’m curious to know what you are expecting to see in action from our product?

This will answer me to give the value in return from our team. Let me know in the mail at

Thank you again!


Sample 2

Congratulations Lit!

Thank you for renewing the subscription! I’m glad to see you engaged with us for a long time!

Because of customers like you, we are growing and improving! We are delighted to see you again and want to thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to serve you right.



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Sample 3 

To our loyal customers!

We are connected for quite a few years. Together solved the logic of renewals and cracked the complexity to overcome churn!

With the world-shattering apart, we together met your objectives. Despite the scenarios, we faced it all. We remember your churn fights and thank you for believing in us.

We want to let you know how much your presence matters and we appreciate your journey with us!

Thank you again!


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In the end 

Remember it’s the clients who make the businesses! Although you made a business at that moment, it’s the clients you ultimately need and it’s crucial to write a thank you note to appreciate their time with us! This note has a long-term impact on the business and defines how strong is the customer relationship curated. 

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