A paradigm shift in Customer Success Technology with AI!

Customers are at various stages of the life cycle, adoption, maturity, plans, and even expectation. Knowing what is the best action plan to drive customer success for each account takes years of experience and understanding. In a new field where experienced CSM are hard to find. How can Customer Success Technology come to help?

Traditional Customer Success software works on a (now obsolete) rule-based engine to generate any early warning signals. What that means while you have all the access to the data and processing power, if that risk alert rule is missing, you’ll never see it. 

How Traditional Customer Success Software Monitor Account Health

The reality is that with hundreds of data points, it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend, analyze, correlate and configure rules for Account health and alerts with accurate thresholds. Leaving you with dozens of potential blind spots and blocking you from being proactive. Less than 1% of the data is ever used to set up rules. Even if you do arrive at the decent rule configurations, your SaaS product keeps getting new features, making the older rules out of sync. Customers mature, their behavior and expectations change requiring you to constantly calibrate.  This means you’re now required to hire and rely on customer success operations to constantly keep a vigilant eye on changing behavior and even with that you sleep wondering what alerts have I missed.
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AI is going to change all of that.

AI-powered Customer Success

Sheldon(we call our AI) will scan thousands of data points, past user behavior, CSM’s activities, and engagement with customers to learn what actions and behavior lead to retention.

 It then uses and generates smart recommendations, the next best action for CSM for every account to unlock LTV that is otherwise at Risk. 

Sheldon learns retention secrets as followed by Sr. CSMs on all past renewals. This learning when shared coaches every CSM. Making even the new CSMs be effective on day one. Turning every CSM into a Super CSM.

 A Paradigm Shift In Customer Success Technology With The Help Of AI

AI-powered Recommendations

  • Product Adoption Recommendation :

Sheldon[AI]  recommends what feature should CSM recommend for adoption based on its learning from what part of product feature adoption led to retention in the past.

  • Customer engagement recommendation

Sheldon[AI]  analyzes and learns from past CSM actions that led to engagement and based on that recommends specific actions and opportunities to CSM to strengthen the relationship.

  • Anomaly detection

Sheldon[AI] has the capability to detect any pattern change. It can detect any decline or boost in usage among 100 features used by your customer well in time to recommend upsell opportunities or for proactive intervention to prevent churn.

Customer Health Score Template

Future of Customer Success

The future of customer success is going to be grounded in data and this is where AI comes in. With the advantage of Customer Success leveraging  AI, you will be able to effectively assess your top priorities based on the data available. Streamlined and informed approaches to customer interactions mean better proactivity, less fire fighting, and an AI win!

On the other hand, humans are natural in building relationships.

AI +CSM= Super CSM

Future Of Customer Success: Turn Every CSM Into Super CSM With AI

Swagata is Head of Marketing at CustomerSuccessBox. Advocate for great customer experience. She is an avid traveler and when she is not working always on the lookout for new places to explore.