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Should CSMs close support tickets?

Should CSM close support ticket

Should CSM be closing the support tickets? This is the most common debate among SaaS founders. Before we get into it, let’s understand the key difference between Success Managers and Support Reps. Customer Success and Customer Support Customer success managers are the domain experts who endeavor to help the customer

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Innovations in Customer Success Technology

Innovations in Customer Success

A Saas business which has already evolved itself to bring in a Customer Success Software integrating it with Subscription Management, Support, CRM and product usage data knows exactly- “What is the secret to Saas growth” Now that involves two main essential activities- Retaining Customers and Upsell to consumers. Subscription Economy

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Why Every Business Needs Customer Success


If you start looking online for a Customer Success Platform or a solution you’ll most likely come across a lot of discussion about “B2B SaaS, which might cause you to wonder if Customer Success software is only for Subscription-based, B2B companies. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  While

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