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How to achieve 130% MRR Retention?

achieve 130% MRR

Did you know that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary companies is 70% MRR?  Ordinary companies have around 60% MRR retention while extraordinary companies have 130% MRR retention rate. That is a massive difference which can either lead to stagnant growth or exponential growth of the company. I bet you

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Segment and CustomerSuccessBox join hands to deliver customer success even faster

Segment and CustomerSuccessBox announce partnership

Segment, leaders in synthesizing first-party customer data, and CustomerSuccessBox, an Outcome driven Customer Success platform for B2B SaaS, join hands to deliver desired outcomes. Eliminating all developer dependencies for customer success technology roll out. Over 19,000 companies use Segment as their central hub for collecting and synthesizing first-party customer data.

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