Onboarding a new Customer Success Manager

How should a CSM be onboarded? On what basis should Customer Success Managers be incentivized?

You must have heard a lot about onboarding a Customer, now let’s have a look into a different type of onboarding- onboarding of a new Customer Success Manager. So, when you have a new Customer Success Manager joining your organization, it becomes imperative to address that new CSM into your team.

To crack the idea of onboarding you need to identify a few metrics for CSM onboarding. 
Now, here I will cover a few questions that will help you to get an overview of the measures to be taken care of before Onboarding a Customer Success Manager. 

  • How long does the onboarding process of a CSM going to take place?
  • What kind of process it will include, Is it going to be a – Sit down training or Domain expertise? 
  • Will the onboarding process include some certification training?
  • If the process will include a Customer visit shattering of the Customer Success Manager?

Customer Onboarding Template
Considering all these questions, you will be able to identify the right way to onboard a Customer Success Manager. Check out this article to know the – Best time to introduce a Customer Success Manager to your customers?

On what basis should Customer Success Managers be incentivized? 

Now, If you are trying to figure out the best way to compensate your Customer Success Manager, then you should probably think of including an incentive as a compensation grade to pay your CSM.

Now, If you ask me – Should a CSM be incentivized? I will say- Yes, 100 %!

The reason is quite obvious. This is where a Customer Success Manager will actually start to own the entire effort as a Customer Success Manager. So that a CSM will not only take charge of the onboarding process and QBRs but also will be taking the whole responsibility for the renewal of a complete portfolio. All these efforts will direct to the main goal of increasing the MRR, the retention rate. This, of course, we want to take all the way to 130% and beyond. So that is a dollar target that is going to give the result in dollar incentive terms.

Incentivize the CSM by the result not by only considering the effort.

Once a Customer Success Manager starts to own the end business result, a CSM will then eventually start to deliver the end business results in dollar terms which is of course the main goal for you as a company and as a Customer Success Manager. This is where it is going to be the exact point where a CSMs effort will equally match a dollar incentive.

Take that action –

Start with an incentive plan, plan out the model and you are good to go with your Customer Success team. Let us know if you have an incentive model or if you are already working on an incentive plan. Also, you can check out this article to know more about – The responsibilities of the Customer Success Manager (CSM)? How many do you need?

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