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How to write an Apology Letter?

There has been no human who hasn’t made mistakes unless there was a perfect world. Sadly, we see what we witness and everything perfect is in our imagination but not in reality! That’s a glimpse of the imagination! Well, let’s just come down to the business world. There isn’t a fully satisfied customer in any firm, do you agree? This is where writing an ‘Apology letter‘ becomes critical.

What keeps the business running is the ultimatum of acceptance of the wrong that happened. And to win back the hearts of the disheartened customers, it takes a true apology letter with remorse to what underwent.

Let’s get things right!

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Why an apology?

For a moment, look beyond the cash and intend to say “I’m sorry”. If that thought is at a halt due to legal action, keep that aside. There are 90% of the chances you are forgiven than expected to compensate with money. 

This is about sharing a mutual reality where you perceive their standpoint, opinionating on the mistake that took place by understanding the customers, not by pushing them under the truck. 

It’s brutal! I mean not literally but that’s the degree of intensity of one’s feeling if you comprehend.

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How to be apologetic to your customer?

Make time to write an apology letter or an email and in case you are going verbal about it, this still holds good!

1 . Confess about the fallacy.

The equation in your mind should have no ifs and buts! This is you truly feeling remorse for the situation. It comes with acceptance and portrayal! Are you in this equation? Then you are working it out. 

Crucial verdict: “It’s us who messed up by delaying to respond to your request.”

The highlights: It’s important to mention, who is affecting and is affected in the context followed by the issue.

2. Unfold the reasons that lead to the mess.

Here’s a chance to be open about how it happened! You are in a place where you give them a thought to think for instance that this wasn’t intentional. Don’t hesitate to talk about it. It is the point where they can trust you. Let them know you regret and understand their reaction to the scenario. 

The highlights: Being precise and to the point of explaining the situation is cooler. Don’t drift away!

3. Depict that you feel remorse.

The point of elaborating with them of the situation previously was not to be done with it but to let them know at this stage that you understand why they are distressed.  The depiction should be such that they move on from the current scenario. 

The highlights: Be humble and empathetic in expressing it. 

4. Repair things not fixing!

It’s now the moment you understand and tell them how you can be better and still maintain the relationship you had with each other earlier.

Crucial verdict: “I understand this could have come out better, for this to not recur, I have set an alert which would not set me apart.”

The highlights: Give them a reason that helps them trust you and let them know you are there to hear them always. 

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5. Assure them.

You told them how you could repair it, now it’s time to tell them how you will make sure to not let that happen again. Explain the solution in a planned way, where there is no room for mistake. And acceptably!

The highlights: Assurance is to bring them back from almost being lost. This plan should be effective. 

The sample Apology letters

Sample 1: Apology letter for the poor service.

Dear [Customer],

We are sorry to know about the unpleasant experience you’ve had with one of our team members. Please accept our apologies for the distress this situation has put you in. 

We are constantly in the efforts of training our team to handle difficult conversations. And now this has come to our attention that there is a need to update our processes. We assure you that this mistake wouldn’t repeat. 

We want to compensate for this with an offer of providing you with a free subscription for 6 months [Write your offer]. It is our continuous effort not to allow this situation to hurt our relationship with you. We are waiting to have you back again. 

If there is something else you have in mind, please connect with us [Details of contact].

Yours sincerely

[Company name]

Sample 2: Apology letter to the mistake causing an unsatisfied customer to churn.

Dear [Customer],

We want to convey our expression of regret for the inconvenience that has been caused you by [Company name]. This isn’t the usual scenario that is expected of us. Despite the checks and measures, we have made a fallacy that has brought you to an unsatisfactory situation and we are deeply sorry for this happening. Allow us to keep you rest assured. 

On examining the matter, my eyes caught the error that led us here [Explain the error]. And it’s the flaw that occurred from our end and we take the blame. 

For the impact this unintentional error has caused you, we want to extend our solution to you [explain the resolution clearly]. And we hope to see you accept this as a token of appreciation. 

To not let this recur again, we have taken the appropriate measures to keep you away from this error [Explain the measures]. And thanks for letting us know of this experience that allows us to improve but could have been in a better condition. 

We wish to serve you for a longer term and want to apologize again for this situation. 

Please let us know what you think. We are right here for you!

Best regards,

[Company Name]

Sample 3: Apology letter for the technical issuance.

Dear [Customer],

We are sorry to keep you unsatisfied with our solutions. With the attention we give to everything, it’s not common for us to have run into these issues. I understand your grievances and frustration which leaves me unpleasant about the situation.

I wanted to convey that we want to look into this issue as a priority and offer a solution that is up to the mark and exceeds your expectations. 

To let you know that we are examining the cause of the technical issues and want to implement the resolutions that will prevent this from occurring again. We will dig into the problem and reach out to you in less than two days.

We want to adhere to our promise of keeping the customers happy and continue to do so. Please consider our deepened apologies and would never give you a chance to rethink this situation.

Yours sincerely,

[Company Name]

Is that all?

An apology can mean different things to every individual and it is immeasurable. It’s this that businesses fail to even accept the mistake. Understanding the issues or miscommunications and coming up with a resolution to them is a crucial thing as well as writing an apology letter. 

Being humble and assuring to resolve the issues makes it a good catch in the apology letter and that’s what it takes!

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