Delivering Customer Experience

How to scale up Customer Experience via the Non-managed Customer Success Manager model?

Customer experience management (CXM) deals with customer interactions through physical and digital touchpoints. This also involves delivering personalized experiences that drive brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Customer experience management oversees customer interactions. The ultimate goal is to increase customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty.”

Clint Fontenella, Hubspot

But it’s never easy. Here are the ways to build a high-quality Customer Experience.

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How to scale up Customer Experience via Non-managed CSM model ?

Identify the demands of your customer

The goal of your company is to meet customer needs. A customer experience survey shows 95% of customers share negative experiences with businesses.

Sit down with your customer and dig deep into the needs of the customer. During the whole journey, you can do this by sending feedback forms.

And knowing how they feel about your product. by offering a chance to provide feedback on services and tracking customer activities.

50% of people have used a company often with a positive customer experience, says NewVoice study.

Take a Personal Approach

The first step is to identify the needs of your customer. But the next important step is to ensure the quality of customer service keeps on getting better day by day.

Human touch makes the customers more comfortable and gives them a sense of priority. The benefits of providing personalized and fast customer services are long lasting. This will allow you to scale customer experience. Studies show 53% of people have expressed frustration at not speaking to a person.

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Technology will Improve Customer Experience Scaling

Solving customers’ problems with personalization is important. But automating wherever possible makes it easy to track customers. Customer service management refers to the solutions, technology and tools your company uses .

Adopting automation to deliver better customer service is key in scaling your business. Customer Success Software helps your business improve customer satisfaction. It reduces labor costs by automating and increases customer service staff’s productivity.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to customer success. Learn how well your customers are using your product. Collect Feedback and act on it.

Also it is necessary for you to share information about your company. This helps to gain the trust of the customers. Your company website should be easy to navigate. Your customer’s goal should be yours. Customer Success is all about making sure that your customer gets what they came for.

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What is a great customer experience?

The customer journey has many touchpoints. A great customer experience results in delighting your customer through all the touchpoints. It keeps customers coming back for more. According to research, customers who had excellent past experiences spend 140% more. Let us look at the 4 elements of a great customer experience:


It delights the Customers when they receive personalized services. Even small things like emails. To deliver personalized experiences, companies must make sure they know their customers well.

This includes customers’ interests, needs, and engagement preferences. By combining this information, you can deliver personalized experiences. This drives customer satisfaction and hence delivers a high customer experience.


It’s a challenge for new brands to match the quality of customer experiences provided by top brands. But, you can start by implementing some quality regulations. Aim at delivering high quality customer experience. The quality of your service decides your customer’s success. This enhances the retention rate.

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Empathy is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. It is important for you to understand the needs and expectations of your customers. Talk to them and get to know them. This enables an empathetic approach towards customers. And helps employees engage prospects based on their own belief in what they are selling.


Technology is the glue that binds all the components together. Tracking your customers can be pretty hectic. Automation makes it way easier and efficient.

How can CustomerSuccessBox Help

Predictive personalization is on the rise. It helps brands predict the next action of the customer based on their past behavior. One of the key applications of predictive personalization is AI-powered customer success software.

CustomerSuccessBox helps you to provide your team with a variety of tools. This helps interact with customers, answer questions and resolve issues enhancing customer experience.

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