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Global Customer Success Software Market share: 2022 Edition

The global customer success software market share will rise in 2022. It will grow from 978.22 million in USD (2020) to 3,538.03 million in USD (2026). It will register the CAGR of 24.43% for the forecasted period i.e from 2021 – 2026. So, this sector has taken a step to progress and never look back. 

The accelerating growth in the customer success industry is due to:

  • Digitization,
  • Increased volume of data, and
  • Advanced analytics solutions.

These help in reducing churn and monitoring of customer health scores, and of course the arrival of cloud deployment.

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Overview of the Customer Success Software market:

  1. The businesses in this sector are growing due to the personalized solutions they bring for serving the customers. Where customer retention and customer satisfaction are the crucial factors they work upon. 
  1. In the competitive scenario, enterprises are leveraging personalized service by collecting data to give the best customer experience. If it is well-executed, that’ll be the differentiator for them and by gaining customer loyalty they sustain in the competition. 
  1. Since the decisions are made online in the digital platform, phones are on the customer’s shelf! Customer success platforms take care of their requirements while keeping customer needs in mind and ensuring the company’s offerings are on the same level as theirs. 

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  1. Chatbot has become a human agent now that engages in meaningful conversation with the customers. In the future, many companies will deploy chatbot for better results in their business. 
  1. Analytics is one of the solutions in the platform that works on real-time data to give actionable insights . It has employed continuous intelligence to enhance the customer experience with every interaction of the customer. 
  1. small scale businesses do not adopt the advertising medium but rather by the medium enterprise to maximize growth by reaching out to more people. 
  1. Some firms are going global by coming out of their domestic zone to set up business internationally to handle international customers. 
  1. In the IT sector, the Customer Success Manager profession seems to have the fastest growth of about 34% on YOY as per LinkedIn 2020 emerging jobs report. Also, 73% of the customers expect the businesses they interact with to understand their needs as per the salesforce state of the connected customer report. 

Covid 19 impact on the Customer Success industry growth: 

  1. The impact of Covid has changed how the business operates. Yet, customers expect to receive the best service to meet their needs. 
  1. 88% of businesses reported that customer experience in digital platforms has become the priority for the businesses as per the agents of transportation report.
  1. The adoption of self-service tools has become the norm for customers. Hence all the firms would have to adopt this for a greater customer experience that avoids the dependencies on traditional methods when it is challenging. 
  1. For high demand in customer satisfaction, the businesses in these sectors are growing regardless of the impact of the pandemic.

The Customer Success software market outlook:


Small, medium, and large enterprises utilizes the Customer Success Platforms. Thus, the SMEs expect to take over the market growth during the period. They use these solutions priorly for

  • Recognizing the trends and patterns,
  • Collecting insights to improve the performance of their business, and
  • Having 360 degree view of their customer portfolio 


Depending on the components, the market segregates itself into services and without services categorization. And guess what, the service section is expected to grow in the predicted period. With the increase in the collection of customer data, and for meeting the marketing needs of the fast-growing customer global market, they need customer success.

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Now with the cloud and on-premise deployment solutions, the cloud has the highest demand due to IT management solutions, reliability, flexibility, and scalability. With cloud-based real-time service analytics, there is room for advanced solutions. The small enterprises adopt them to expect market growth with minimal investment of capital for optimization. 

With the cloud, the accuracy of the predictive analysis for customer success, and increase in the degree of automation are more reliable for the enterprises. It is said that the cloud customer success platforms are offering scalable devices for simple accessibility and data storage. 


The end-users here are healthcare, IT, transportation and logistics, BFSI, eCommerce, retail, telecom, private and government, and others. In 2019, the BFSI was dominating the global market of customer success. However, for the predicted period, the retail and eCommerce will likely have a 19.4% CAGR.


On application-wise, the platform is used for risk and compliance management, customer onboarding and segmentation, reporting and analytics,  customer service, optimization of sales and marketing. Sales and marketing teams will share the highest revenue in the market of customer success platform. As it helps them to handle the audience depending on the data insights. The higher visibility into the activities of the customer gives a better customer experience.


Region-wise the customer success platform is used by the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Europe and North America will add to the revenue for the advent of cloud computing, digitization, increasing data volume, analytic insights for the customer journey, and to reduce churn. 

Top 12 emerging players in the Customer Success Software market.

  1. Salesforce (US)
  2. HubSpot (US)
  3. Gainsight (US)
  4. Freshworks (US)
  5. Totango (US), 
  6. ChurnZero (US)
  7. ClientSuccess (US)
  8. CustomerSuccessBox (US)
  9. Planhat (Sweden)
  10. Catalyst (US)
  11. Custify (Romania)

Wrapping up:

The customer success software market globally is growing in competition as many players are entering the arena with the rise in customer-centric approach in the organizations. Old players are emerging with unique and innovative solutions to conserve the market share and to be the industry leaders. As a result, the customer success software market size will be remarkable in the future.

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