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From Executives to VPs of Customer Success- Overview of the Salaries!

Some years earlier we didn’t even know what Customer Success (CS) was and neither about the salaries in Customer Success but were well aware of what customer support is. There is a clear differentiator between these two and customer success is evolving ever since. CS has witnessed incredible growth in the last few years. In turn, openings for customer success positions are increasing exponentially. Curious to know about the money that a Customer Success professional makes? Read through to know more about salaries in Customer Success!

Speaking of the differentiator, customer success helps the customer to achieve success through their business operations and the product itself. It is these customer success teams that make it possible for customers to gain success with their predictive data-led approach. 

This means, customer success as well provides service and support as that of customer support but with a key distinction that it tries to understand the pain points well before they arrive but with customer support, only appear after when the problem arises and that’s how the key metrics they both look into differs as well.

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Ultimately customer success helps to:

  1. Reduce Churn 
  2. Increase recurring revenue.
  3. Increasing Renewals.
  4. Boosts the customer lifetime value.
  5. Enhances the annual retention rate.
  6. Improving customer retention and loyalty.

In customer success, the growing career paths will have different salaries depending on the company size, city, team size, and experience. 

Let’s look at each role’s salary: 

Customer Success Manager 

The demanding position in the business is this role in the customer success department. This role has an ideal person who is a leader with leadership qualities. 

Depending on the size of the company, an enterprise firm will have higher positions that have a chief above him. Whereas in small to medium based firms the Customer Success Manager is the only one in the customer success department handling almost all the tasks. 

Customer Success Manager Salary:

If the candidate has the leadership skills along with other pre-requisite skills, he/she is most appropriate to this role.

  • In the US, the salary rate as per Glassdoor is $64,682/ year is an average base salary.
  • Whereas in UK, the customer success manager’s average salary is £37,140 / year.
  • In Australia, the average customer success manager salary is AU$81,103/ year.
  • And in India, it is INR  4,89,926 / year.

Senior Customer Success Manager

A candidate is a person who is monitoring the entire customer success managers team or one calls this position as customer success team manager. In enterprise firms, the head of customer success takes a position for handling each customer success team, above him is a chief. 

Senior Customer Success Manager Salary: 

With around 5-6 years of experience, a candidate gets the position of a senior Client Success Manager or Senior Customer Success Manager.  He must have leadership and feedback-giving skills with other skills to manage the team. 

  • In the US,  on average, the salary is $78, 180 / year. 
  • Whereas in UK, one can expect an average senior customer success manager salary to be £57,180 / year.
  • In Australia, the average salary is AU$97,137/ year.
  • In India, the average Senior Customer Success Manager salary is 10,20,000 / year.

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Director of Customer Success

In the customer success manager hierarchy of the customer success department, it is positioned after the senior customer success manager.  This position exists in the relatively larger firms that build the team. Ideally, be the masterpiece behind the strategies executed by CSMs and hence spend the least time with customers. 

Director of customer success salary: 

It is his mastery of 8-10 years of experience in the customer success profession that gives him the position. 

Valued for his critical decisions, thought process, monitoring metrics, and creating reports. 

  • In the US, on average, the salary is $122,091/ year. 
  • Whereas inUK, the average salary is £84,108/ year.
  • In Australia, the average salary is AU$145K / year
  • In India, the average salary is INR 13,10,000/year.

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VP of Customer Success 

After the director comes the VP of customer success. A person who has the authority to do the same tasks as the director of customer success but is closer to the executive branch than the teams. 

VP of customer success salary: 

With 75% of work being management and the rest being technical, the candidate needs 10 and more years of experience along with an intelligent quotient. 

  • In the US, the salary dedicated to this position is  $141, 482 / year
  • Whereas in UK, the average VP of customer success salary is £98,555/ year. 
  • In India, the average salary is INR 35,00,000 / year.

Chief customer officer

It is the position above all where it is like being the CEO of the customer success department alone in the firm. A VP of Customer Success, when progress in his/her career, becomes the Chief Customer Officer. Let’s look at the CCO’s salaries in customer success across various continents. 

Chief customer officer salary: 

  • In the US, on average the salary is $207,124 / year. 
  • Whereas in UK, the average salary is £112,151/ year. 
  • In Australia, the average chief customer officer salary is A$304,925/ year. 
  • While in India, the average salary is INR ₹1,12,90,621/ year. 

Let’s look at some of the more titles in customer success: 

Customer Success Specialist 

This candidate is a people person who develops business relationships in the long term with the customers. He/ she’s hard and soft skills are needed to comprehend the technology as well to develop a customer relationship. 

Serving as a client liaison and an internal advocate. 

Customer success specialist Salary: 

Customer success specialist is an entry-level position that is below CSM and takes care of technical aspects in the firm.

  • In the US, on average the salary is $49,071/ year.
  • Whereas, In the UK, the average salary is £29,986 / year.
  • In Australia, the average salary is AU$55,827 / year.
  • While In India, the customer success specialist salary is INR 3,76,545/ year.

Customer success coordinator 

It’s the coordinator who offers support to customers about the account and troubleshoots the issues when they arise. Training the customers about their software usage when it is up with implementation with neat documentation, updates estimates, and timelines to work with customers daily. 

Customer success coordinator salary: 

This is an entry-level position that is below customer success manager. 

  • In the US, the average salary is $45, 324/ year. 
  • Whereas in UK, the average salary is £28,695/ year. 
  • In Australia, the average salary is AU$60,600/ year.
  • In India average customer success coordinator’s salary is INR 4,82,620/ year. 

Wrapping up: 

In the SaaS world, customers are the king! Understanding customers’ needs for every firm is important regardless of the size of the company. The Customer Success teams or professionals in an organization work to better comprehend customers for the growth of their business and they play an essential role in achieving customer success as the name suggests. 

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