Strategies to Increase Upsell and How to do it the right way in 2021 ?

Let’s admit to the fact that it is the Recurring Revenue that is going to make or break your SaaS business and the three factors that are responsible for your SaaS Revenue growth are-
1. New Customers
2.Retention of existing Customers
3.Upselling to existing customers, which is more or less the direct window to the Recurring Revenue for your  SaaS Business.

How do you recognize  Upsell opportunities? How to convert the right opportunity into greater MRR?

Upsell, which essentially is derived from plan upgrades from basic to pro to enterprise, and whatever your path might be. The moot question is “How do you drive that? “Are your plans, based on features, or such that with pro you get additional features and then with enterprise, you get even more features, and that’s about it. You will need to figure out that if those are the only access by which your customers are ever going to pay you more?  Then it’s high time you should try looking for a newer strategy to upsell.
We all want to deliver value to the customer. But we also want to create a win-win situation  So when your customers are successful, you as a business will eventually get successful. Let’s create a win-win back here for you and your customers. This is where I think we need to explore a lot more than what we are used to pricing a product on. We have seen seats being the most common user base and we’ve seen the feature plan as a more traditional form of dividing your path from basic to enterprise.


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Getting to know the right time to nudge customers for upsell

If you’re only playing on feature access on the planned path, and seats on expansion, you might be extremely limited in ways in which you can actually expand. You as Customer Success might be doing a wonderful job of engaging your customers, of taking them to get more value, but still actually getting frustrated and disappointed because it’s not necessarily translating into more MRR. Let me explain with an example

So let’s say you’re a marketing automation tool. and you’ve helped your customers get to better lead generation, better drip campaigns, better conversion rates, all of that is leading to them getting more leads, traffic going up and etc. But is that necessarily translating into your platform making more money versus before? And if the answer is No, because you’re likely waiting for them to adopt the next set of planned features, or you’re waiting for them to expand seats, which may not necessarily happen or has a very limited scope. I think the point that I’m trying to make here is that you are not able to recognize all the axis on which you want to measure the value delivered.

So this is going to be identical to that axis on which you ideally want to price your product and nudge them to either the next plan or pay extra for the next bucket of that usage. Let me give you more examples, say when you are a marketing automation tool, your upsell opportunity could be the number of contacts, number of visitors that are coming to your website, number of clicks that you’re getting if you’re an analytics tool could be data storage. And if your organization or SAAS company essentially sells API, it could be the number of API calls, data storage, it could be anything more than just the traditional seats.

Translating Customer Success into Upsell opportunity 

So as your customers expand and get more value on any of these axes, you ideally get an opportunity, a window to translate the success that you’ve driven them to achieve by asking them for a fair price on an increased MRR.

A holistic approach to Upsell

Customer Success is not in charge of devising business plans or product plans, or pricing. So this has to be a very holistic approach. Upsells have to be engineered as they are not going to happen on their own. You need to figure out a process to find out a path. But all of that, do you have the right background? Do you have the right ingredients in your business plan itself, which gives you enough opportunity to actually drive that upgrade? So that you are able to increase that MRR.

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And to able to help your CSM s to get that window to upsell, you need to equip them with the right customer success platform that helps them be more proactive.

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