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Decoding the QBR myth- Interview with Madhur Choudhury

At CustomerSuccessBox, thought of interviewing Customer Success leaders to understand their perspective of Quarter Business Review. We hope to give a fresh perspective regarding the QBR process which will take your customer success efforts to the next level.

Madhur Choudhary is the Vice President of Customer Success at Aislelabs. He is responsible for driving pre-sales, onboarding, adoption, consulting, engagement, and upsell for their suite of marketing and analytics products for their enterprise clients. Aislelabs is also an esteemed customer of CustomerSuccessBox.

Why is QBR/EBR important? How does it help your customers?

Madhur: To set the baseline, review progress and discuss the future.

Have you seen any impact on internal teams due to the QBR/EBR?

Madhur: Helps us get out of weeds and look at the accounts strategically. 

How do you prepare a team? As I know, building that process takes a lot. If you can share your experience & tips with young managers, that would be great!

Madhur: Review all accounts internally periodically before reviewing them externally.

Can you point us towards the most important learnings?

Madhur: Feedback & Understanding Priorities.

Quarterly Business Review Template

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