Segment and CustomerSuccessBox announce partnership

Segment and CustomerSuccessBox join hands to deliver customer success even faster!

Segment, leaders in synthesizing first-party customer data, and CustomerSuccessBox, an Outcome driven Customer Success platform for B2B SaaS, join hands to deliver desired outcomes. Eliminating all developer dependencies for customer success technology roll out.

Over 19,000 companies use Segment as their central hub for collecting and synthesizing first-party customer data. Customers use Segment Sources to collect all data across all their properties (web, mobile, CRMs, email etc.) and send this data into Destinations (SaaS tools, internal databases or queues, or a data warehouse) to perform analytics, run marketing campaigns and much more.

CustomerSuccessBox is a choice of all modern day Customer Success leaders and B2B SaaS businesses to drive 130% MRR retention, reduce churn and for on-boarding customers, while improving Accounts::CSM ratio and operational efficiency.

We, at CustomerSuccessBox, are proud to partner with Segment as their Destination (downstream) Data Partner.

Segent Destination Catalog
Drive Customer Success throughout the Customer Journey!
Many of our customers are already using Segment as their central data hub and have instrumented their applications to push data into Segment.

With this partnership, here’s what customers will be able to get:

  1. Seamless Integration: Customers leveraging Segment will be able to push data into CustomerSuccessBox by simply enabling CustomerSuccessBox as a destination application in their Segment hub. CustomerSuccessBox maps all key events Identify, Track, and Group events seamlessly with minimum effort. We are also working on mapping Page call.
  2. Effortless Health Scoring: CustomerSuccessBox will be able to deliver Account health scores with minimum effort from your developers.
  3. Minimum Developer dependency: Integrations like these usually require a team of expensive developers. But with this partnership, developers can focus on building upon a source they are already familiar with.
  4. Deploy Instantly: Segment customers will now be able to deploy CustomerSuccessBox at the click of a button by simply adding CustomerSuccessBox as a downstream destination.

We see this as a long term partnership between CustomerSuccessBox and Segment. The value offered by CustomerSuccessBox is not only made easy to, faster to get, but also gets enhanced by all the additional data points that Segment captures. We love how made for each other this partnership is.

Looking forward to working with the Segment customer base to offer Customer Success and driving more of our customers to Segment to make their instrumentation future proof.

Nilesh heads marketing at CustomerSuccessBox. A social media aficionado, when he is not working, he tweets about Manchester United and marketing, and posts food pictures on Instagram (lordofgoodfood).