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Customer Success Checklist for 2022

While the core of the Customer success function involves anticipating client difficulties and providing proactive solutions to the customers. The needs of customers are continuously evolving and with that, you as a business should also reshape your strategy to keep up with the trend and maintain the growth of your business. Here we have jotted down the essential strategies to be included in your Customer success checklist for the year 2022.

Drive Customer Success throughout the Customer Journey!

Points to Ponder on making customer success plan for the year 2022

1. Planning customer growth pathway

With plenty of priorities already lined up for business growth, most businesses miss out on defining a growth roadmap for individual clients. Your primary goal should be to make them realize that your company cares about their vision and goal. So you need to make an annual growth plan which will include understanding where the customers lie in their customer journey and what will be the best pathway for their growth.

The next step will be to align those plans with your customer journey. The Customer Success department should dig deeper into each and every use case in order to identify a better usage strategy. It is important to understand how your customers are using your product and to identify the engagement rate. Discovering new and innovative ways to help your customers with better product usage will ensure retention in the longer run.

2. Taking care of KPIs 

It will go a long way in putting together the usage metrics about active users and letting CSMs know which features are adored by customers. This will ensure that the customers stick around with your product for a very long time. 

A few KPIs that you might want to track this year are 1) Expansion MRR and 2) Net Promoter Scores (NPS). 

3. Mapping Customer journey

According to research conducted by Salesforce, 80% of customers value their customer experience with a business as much as the product or service they are purchasing. Customer journey mapping is the best way of understanding the customer journey as a whole.
Throughout the customer journey, there are various touchpoints and with the smart technology and data-driven comprehensive, these insights are easily available. 
The journey of a customer doesn’t end when they buy your product, but it actually is the very beginning. Throughout the entire journey, it is equally important to understand your customers, their behaviors, and their needs. Also, it is important to get their feedback and improve your service. Customer success begins after purchase and understanding the story of the customer journey, then visualizing it will be the best way to assist them. With customer journey mapping, you can:

  • Create better alignment between teams
  • Measure and enhance customer experience
  • Define milestones and work towards them
  • Execute better customer success strategies that are more likely to be successful

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Customer Journey Template

4. Defining customer success goal as an interdepartmental effort

Customer success is no longer a department limited function. It is a state of functioning where every employee has to be aligned and involved with customer growth. Customer success needs to be integrated with every part of the company.

5. Better sales and Customer success alignment

With immense evolvement in customer behavior, we are likely to see the evolvement of the sales process too. The traditional sales cycle, with pre-sales and post-sales, is being replaced by a continuous process comprising two key phases: prospect and growth. This new sales process requires that the customer success role be introduced early so that Sales and CS are working together in the prospecting phase. Once this is complete, the customer moves into the growth phase where CSM works to realize business value and uncover further value. So when the Customer Success Manager hands the opportunity back to sales, the process again continues.

6. Prescriptive Customer Success

There is no denying the fact that data is the most crucial element for the customer success function. But what most SaaS businesses are missing out on at this very moment is a prescriptive-based customer success model. The customer success technology space has come to a point where AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML( Machine Learning) will help to immensely maximize the value of this crucial data by:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons for customer churn; 
  • Constructing predictive and prescriptive models of customer churn; 
  • Improving the overall health of your client relationship;
  • Increasing customer retention and up/cross-selling chances.

With the advent of AI, the traditional CS tools have been remodeled as Customer Success Intelligence tools. They provide intelligence that was missing from their traditional counterparts. 

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