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Customer Success Agenda VS Customer Success Objective

As a Customer Success Manager, your main goal is to ensure that your customers have a great experience. And to make sure that your customers get the maximum value out of your product. While a day in the life of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is imaginably packed with a lot of meetings with customers. It becomes undoubtedly important to make sure that the meetings with customers are always performed in a smooth and goal-oriented manner. Here, we try to tell you exactly what these meetings mean. And, what is the difference between customer success agenda and a customer success objective?

A lot of background work goes into ensuring a perfect meeting with customers by a CSM, which involves focusing on the most relevant items at hand, coming out with clear action items, and always having an agenda to keep things on track. 

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Well, all these objectives and agendas have to be clearly defined and sorted beforehand the meeting gets started in order to seize the meeting!

But are you aware of the fact that the objective of a customer success meeting and the agenda are two different things? Although both the terms sound very similar, they are hell a lot of different from each other. While ensuring both things are in place will help make a successful customer success meeting. 

What is an agenda for a meeting?

An agenda for a meeting is a document given to all attendees before the meeting that lists, in order, the matters to be discussed. Also known as the order of business or meeting timetable.

An agenda is more than just a list of things to do. An agenda is a meeting program designed to allow all relevant topics to be dealt with in good order and in good time.

What would happen if there were no agenda?

Without an agenda, a meeting may be disorganized and time-wasting. If attendees are not sure what they are meant to talk about—or for how long—discussions may lack control. There may be personal attacks and hostility. These inefficiencies may mean that a meeting achieves very little or nothing.

What are meeting objectives?

A meeting objective is a simple statement that defines the desired outcome of the meeting. Its primary purpose is to give participants a measurable goal that they can work on achieving together. You can then determine the success of a meeting based on whether the team achieved the goal. Meeting objectives are commonly used to increase productivity during professional gatherings, such as sales meetings or team assemblies.

Now, let’s check out what makes the customer Customer Success agenda different from the customer success objective. 

What makes the Customer Success agenda different from the Customer Success Objective?

1. Agenda covers the idea of a meeting, while objective covers the purpose.

When we call a meeting there is a definite purpose which would be delivered through that meeting. That is the objective of that meeting. Then, there are several things to be discussed in the meeting which is the agenda of that meeting.

2. Objectives define the vision of the meeting whereas, the agenda helps establish expectations and talking points for a meeting.

Defined agenda in a meeting will help customers to get an idea about the content that is to be delivered in the meeting, like, all they need to come prepared and speak. This will help them to beforehand plan out their views to showcase in the meeting.
Agendas outline the expectations (for both sides) so that no one is in the dark.

Objectives, on the other hand, will help define a purposeful conversation leading to the end goal. For example, if there is a meeting having a demonstration of a new feature as an agenda, the objective here would be to give the customer the information they need to decide whether to buy the new feature. So that after the demo, they can have clear-cut data for decision making.

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3. Objectives make the customer feel valued and agenda helps to keep them engaged and focused.

As a customer success manager, you need to make sure your customers’ invested time for the meeting is valued. Customers are less likely to attend meetings with no agenda, as they need to have a clear reason for being there in the first place. 

When you provide your customer with objectives and agenda in advance, it will help them to feel as if their time and resources are worth spending for the meeting.

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