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Customer Acquisition And Retention: What You Have To Know About Them

Customer Acquisition and Retention play a key role in keeping in touch. And this is essential for achieving long-term goals and successes. When we talk about customer retention, we usually try to influence the loyalty of an existing customer. In this case, the visitor has already successfully completed the conversion funnel and purchased as well. So the goal is to choose you next time.

Customer acquisition is based on an established marketing strategy. The aim is to attract attention and build loyalty among potential customers. This is done through advertising or you can do it through- for example- search engine optimization (SEO). Once you have achieved this, there is nothing left but to guide the visitor through the conversion funnel. In the case of customers who have reached the bottom of the channel, i.e. the purchase, there is again the issue of retaining them. It is important, therefore, that although there are significant differences between the 2 activities, they are nevertheless interconnected.

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3+1 Strategy To Retain Customers That Is Worth Applying

Certainly, this topic is less interesting than acquiring new customers, luring them out of competition. However, you may also know that this comes at a much lower cost. And in fact, the most loyal clients you have, the bigger your competitive edge will be. If a visitor has gone through the conversion funnel of your website, try to keep him! See how you can do all that.

Rule#1: Just stay in touch

The visitor went through the conversion funnel and bought. It’s really important that you then ask for his opinion. This can be contentment or dissatisfaction on his part. All 2 types of feedback are free and useful information for you. You can find out what was satisfied or just dissatisfied. Based on several feedbacks, you can also change them, improve what you need. In addition, it will make the customer feel good to ask for their opinion. This can also be interpreted as a kind of care.

Rule#2: Loyalty programs

After making purchases, it is advisable to offer you some discount. Be it free shipping, an optional gift, or some percentage discount. People like to have free and discounted things. So you can encourage them to make another purchase. But what if someone is at the bottom of the conversion funnel but still doesn’t make the purchase? If you see him thinking about the basket for a while, just offer him something. Warranty or free shipping to reduce your sense of risk.

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Rule#3: Customer service

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What may be one of the biggest parts of a business is great customer service. Here both telephone and online e.g. handling e-mail or social media messages is important. Customer service provides help and a solution for people who are stuck in both the old and conversion funnels. Since customers can meet or talk to these employees directly, you should pay attention to who you are going to employ. In part, they represent the look of your company. The more satisfied a customer is with your customer service, the more likely they are to return next time.

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Rule#4: Product development

What do people want? For reliability, satisfaction, and novelty. Product development is not necessarily the most common practice in customer retention. However, it can be effective as you give your existing customers something new, something better. If you strive to come up with something new from time to time, your audience will be happy with it. They will be waiting for a new product or service that they can try out right away. Product development not only facilitates repurchases but also attracts more visitors to the conversion funnel. They raise their heads a lot about the novelty and try to try it out.

What You Need to Know About Customer Acquisition Methods

First, as mentioned above, the term itself implies that you are trying to find new potential buyers. They haven’t used your product or service before, but they may have met it before. In all cases, the goal is to get as many potential visitors to your conversion funnel as possible on your website. This is a very costly task in the life of companies. This is not necessarily just about the financial cost, but e.g. it also takes a lot of time. Now we’ll show you what to look out for if you want to be effective.

Be present on multiple channels!

Be present on Multiple channels

Customers typically come across an ad through multiple channels before making their decision to make a purchase. To do this, they can search the internet, watch a television commercial, or e.g. they can also find information on social media. The bottom line is that you now have a myriad of platforms at your disposal to advertise in a targeted way. It is important to assess which channels are most actively used by your potential customers. It is advisable to choose 2-3 of these types where you are sure to reach them. This will increase the number of visitors on your web pages’ conversion funnel.

If you choose this solution, you need to pay attention to several things. On the one hand, to keep your appearance on different channels consistent. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also radiates professionalism. Also, we can’t go without the fact that if someone encounters your ad in multiple places, it’s easier to recognize and remember. The more you can build on the awareness of your prospective customers, the more customers can come to the conversion funnel. The point, then, is to use multi-channel advertising if the material allows it. 

Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine optimization

Search engine optimization is nothing more than trying to make your website appear better in search engines. There are several ways to do this, which are in the onsite SEO and offsite SEO categories. If your website is well optimized, your website will occupy a relatively high position among the organic results. And it also means a higher number of potential customers in your conversion funnel. In contrast, for a search ad, the results appear at the bottom and top of the search engine as paid ads. These have a pay-per-click, so you only pay as much as they clicked.

It is often said that search advertising and search engine optimization are exactly the opposite of each other. After all, the former means high financial costs, but it also takes relatively little time. The latter, however, can be said to be free, but extremely time-consuming. And, as everyone knows, time costs money. So the choice is up to you which one to apply, possibly both or neither. But so much so that with both, you can very effectively generate new visitors to the conversion funnel.

Do it easily!

If your visitors are already in the conversion funnel but aren’t sure if they want to buy, just help them. This is important because shopping in online spaces shows very high numbers. This means you’re missing out on potential buyers who have already shown interest in your product or service. Most often, the bounce happens in the payment process because something is distracting customers. This can be e.g. high shipping costs or improperly designed customer travel where navigation is difficult.

To reduce your basket dropout, you need to recognize the factors that negatively impact your visitors. There should be no hidden costs or lost keys. Everything should be clear and unambiguous, optimize the customer path accordingly. Take a guarantee to reduce the risk of risk. Last but not least, you need to pay attention to the loading speed of the page. Your client may be impassioned and won’t wait if it takes too long to load. So the lesson is if someone is already in the conversion funnel, try to design everything so that the purchase goes as smoothly as possible.

Give a solution instead of persuading!

Give a solution instead of persuading

To get the attention of your potential customers, all you have to do is create content that will immediately catch their attention. Today’s consumers don’t like to be persuaded to do whatever they want, they want to make their own choices. You can help them with this, as you need to create content that will help them make their decision. Since a consumer usually buys when his need arises, try to provide him with a solution. In the content you create, you need to communicate that you are solving your problem. But not only do you solve it, but you also solve it in the best way, not your competitors.

This method is much more effective than advertising that I want to talk to someone about something. From that, he will also feel that you do not want good for him, you just want to sell. So it’s not enough that they won’t buy from you, but it’s possible that your opinion won’t be the best either. To create the best content, you need to assess the needs and concerns of your target audience. Allow enough time and energy for this so that you can pass on your value to the most accurately this week. So remember, you provide a solution and you don’t sell. This little attention can significantly increase the number of visitors in the conversion funnel.


As you may have seen, both customer acquisition and retention require considerable attention. And in fact, a company can’t operate successfully and efficiently if it doesn’t pay enough attention to both. After all, customer acquisition may provide a solution in the short term, but not in the long term. To do this, you already need loyal customers who will not only repurchase you but also provide you with a good reputation. So it doesn’t matter if you just want to target that person, you’re in the conversion funnel, or you’re a returning customer. Don’t forget to keep in touch with them!

Janka Retkes is the Content Marketing Manager of Capturly, a full-scale online analytics tool that provides online businesses with real business insights simply and intelligibly.