curated readings

Curated Readings from the world of Customer Success

We, at CustomerSuccessBox, bring to you some relevant and interesting content. The following is the list of curated readings that will add value, if implemented, to your SaaS business. 

zendesk blog

Why customer success is your golden ticket to business success”- Your business’s success is dependent on your customer’s success. For your business’s long-term growth make CS a priority and measure the changing customer dynamics time and again. Curated reading from Zendesk

retain customers

How to retain customers who are on verge of canceling”- Doing the right thing at the right time retains customers. Smart and data-driven actionable steps, combined with AI-powered Risk Alerts direct you to where attention is much needed. Read the blog from CustomerSuccessBox

CSM Practice

How to Set Your Kick-off Meetings Up for Success?”- The first live interaction that a new customer has with your CS team is during the kick-off meeting. How do you ace these meetings can set the tone for Onboarding and the rest of the customer journey. Interesting blog from CSM Practice

A Complete Guide to Analyzing and Reducing Customer Churn” – Customer churn is inevitable but controllable. Analyzing data and numbers help reduce Churn to a great extent. Interesting read from Chargebee.

Retaining 125% ARR

5 ways to retain a $100 million Customer Portfolio”- This piece will show how you can retain a customer portfolio using the SaaS animal framework. Learn how to retain customers in this blog

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