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Curated Readings From the Customer Success World!

We, at CustomerSuccessBox, bring to you some interesting and relevant content. The following is the list of curated readings that will add value to your SaaS business if implemented efficiently.

How to get your Customer Success Tech Stack in Order

Customer Success Tech stack is a group of well-integrated software that guides customers to success. Read this blog further to know more about the best practices for building a CS tech stack, and more. 

cost of bad fit customers

Customer Success: How to Quantify the Impact of Bad-fit Customers

Everybody understands that investing their limited resources into bad fit customers is bad for the business. But quantifying and proving the same is not easy. This blog will help you understand the impact of the same.

customer success dashboard

How to make a Customer Success Dashboard that Works 

A Customer Success Dashboard should present comprehensive customer health indicators, which should be divided into external and internal views based on the level of information in your data gathering. This blog intends to help you know how you should set up a Customer Success dashboard.

skill gap analysis

How To Use Capabilities to Conduct a Skills Gap Analysis

This piece of information explains how Customer Success leaders can devise and implement development plans that help increase employee retention and improve cross-functional results.

big account churn

What to do when a big account churns? Here’s a five-step action plan.

Churn is horrible. A big account churn is disastrous. This blog explains how to handle a big account churn effectively without losing sleep over it. 

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