How to achieve 130% MRR Retention?

achieve 130% MRR

Did you know that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary companies is 70% MRR?  Ordinary companies have around 60% MRR retention while extraordinary companies have 130% MRR retention rate. That is a massive difference which can either lead to stagnant growth or exponential growth of the company. I bet you

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How to start a customer success practice?

SaaS customer success best practices

Customer Success, at its core, helps customers achieve their goals by maximising the value from a product. Thus, increasing the retention rate, and creating potential opportunity for upsells / cross-sells too. It doesn’t matter how many customers you are signing up every month! What matters is that of the customers

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3 types of Customer Churn in SaaS

types of customer churn

There are 3 types customer churn that every SaaS business should measure. Account Churn User Churn Revenue Churn It is important that we understand each one of them, else we are likely to be blinded by half data. Account Churn Account churn is where you see accounts canceling SaaS a product. If you are

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