Segment and CustomerSuccessBox join hands to deliver customer success even faster

Segment and CustomerSuccessBox announce partnership

Segment, leaders in synthesizing first-party customer data, and CustomerSuccessBox, an Outcome driven Customer Success platform for B2B SaaS, join hands to deliver desired outcomes. Eliminating all developer dependencies for customer success technology roll out. Over 19,000 companies use Segment as their central hub for collecting and synthesizing first-party customer data.

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How to start a customer success practice?

SaaS customer success best practices

Customer Success, at its core, helps customers achieve their goals by maximising the value from a product. Thus, increasing the retention rate, and creating potential opportunity for upsells / cross-sells too. It doesn’t matter how many customers you are signing up every month! What matters is that of the customers

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What is customer success and 7 metrics to help you do it right in your business

customer success metrics

What is Customer Success? Imagine the lifecycle of a typical SaaS software customer. The chances are that he/she would transition through the following stages: Customer Onboarding: This includes registration, activation, environment configuration and the initial training required to access the software. Customer Handholding: Here the user is walked through the software modules and

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