Keep your customers focused and engaged

Keep your customers engaged

In a SaaS, measuring customer engagement allow you to get a comprehensive look at how your customer feels about your product. Most importantly, It also tells the likelihood of the customer turning into a long-term user. Acquiring your customers is just a first step in the fruitful partnership process and

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Customer Success Statistics in 2021

Customer Success Statistics 2021

We all live in a subscription economy today. We are no longer in the ownership economy, which basically means that you don’t have customers who are purchasing your product but rather you have subscribers who are renting or subscribing to your product or service. For SaaS companies today, there are

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Innovations in Customer Success Technology

Innovations in Customer Success

A Saas business which has already evolved itself to bring in a Customer Success Software integrating it with Subscription Management, Support, CRM and product usage data knows exactly- “What is the secret to Saas growth” Now that involves two main essential activities- Retaining Customers and Upsell to consumers. Subscription Economy

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