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6 Features to look for in a Customer Onboarding Software

Within the first week, a majority of B2B SaaS companies lose 75% of their new consumers! Yes, studies have shown that. Also, approximately, 40% to 60% of free trial users will try your product once and then abandon it. This happens because users did not get what they came looking for in that product. So, if you’re a B2B SaaS firm, you might want to consider using customer onboarding software to mitigate these problems. 

Choosing a new customer onboarding software can be a lengthy and complicated process for some customer success teams. To help you with that, this blog will list the features that you must look for in a SaaS customer onboarding software. 

Benefits of a Customer Onboarding Software 

It’s difficult to maintain track of each customer along their journey when you have tens of thousands of them. Customer onboarding software automates the process. Not only does this program take care of the heavy lifting, but it also enhances your company’s customer retention and conversion rates.

Decreased Customer Churn Rate 

Investing in a customer onboarding process can go a long way toward lowering your churn rates. As your new consumers navigate your product, try to provide an engaging, interactive, and actively supported experience for them. When done correctly, a thoughtful, useful introduction will not only convince your consumers to stay with you, but will also boost your customer retention.

Improved Conversions (from trial to paid plans)

Through useful tooltips or suggestions, the appropriate customer onboarding software tool may let you expose paid-only capabilities, providing a delicate yet effective means to upsell. Offering your clients limited access to advanced capabilities in tandem with a well-defined set of walkthroughs and tutorials is a terrific strategy to generate demand.

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Increased Efficiency for support systems

Studies have shown that around 63 percent of customers who go with a certain vendor consider the onboarding process to be critical! They value the support they’ll receive quickly after purchase. So, if you have an onboarding platform in place, to help your customers with the process, providing this support becomes easy. 

You may free up your support team’s time to focus on more difficult client issues by implementing automated customer onboarding software. They no longer have to manually allocate users to a pathway. Your platform can develop intelligent, tailored customer journeys for your new clients based on existing data.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

A customer onboarding tool improves the customer experience by using a variety of methods to guide the client through the process. Methods such as live chat, email, and tutorials help users navigate through the process smoothly yet effectively. 

Growth in Revenue

This is the result of all the above benefits. Naturally, if your customers find your product to be valuable, then they’re going to stay with you. That means you can upsell to the existing customers and generate more revenue! Not only that, these customers may recommend you to other customers. Thus increasing your customer base. Either way, you’ll generate extra revenue and grow your business.

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6 Features to look for in a Customer Onboarding Software

In-app Tooltips, tutorials, etc.

An onboarding platform that has tooltips, interactive walkthroughs, and support articles right in the product is a blessing! With ‘no coding’ required, you can easily access all onboarding documents and lessons from a single dashboard. Providing relevant direction, at the right place and the right time is critical. 

Interactive on-screen tutorials help show people how to use your product in a step-by-step manner. Views, completion, and satisfaction scores for each recording provide instant insight into how clients are utilizing the guided tours. Once you start using the software, the product itself should assist you to navigate through it. This feature is a differentiator, hence, you must verify carefully. 

Analytics and Reporting 

Undoubtedly, the metrics, KPIs and all the data are important for you. But if the relevant data isn’t available to you at the right time, what’s the use? Comprehensive analytics ensures that you make data-driven decisions. However, equally crucial are the timely reports to make such decisions. 

You can easily market new services to current customers, stimulate customer interaction, decrease drop-offs, improve retention rates and up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and simplify the user experience. Also, check if the reports are sent out regularly and are optimized. 

Customizable Dashboards 

This is in continuation with the above point. Different users have different needs. The metrics that one customer is looking for may or may not be suitable for you. Hence, make sure dashboards can be customized to your requirements. 

Getting visibility into your customer’s journey tells you where your client is struggling. This can happen only if the dashboard presents the right data that you’re looking for. It tells you where your inefficiencies exist. So, while selecting a SaaS onboarding software, make sure you don’t overlook this vital feature. 


A ‘community’ is a place where like-minded people interact and share ideas. Active user communities are a  great help to get insight and support from other users. The community is a fantastic way to meet new people and assist one another. It helps because sometimes you would want to meet other users who have used the same product. 

You would get to know more about it from your peers than from the product itself. Being part of such a community provides you a platform to enquire about various doubts about the product. And, rest assured that you’d receive help as and when needed. 

Continuous updates and improvements

This is one of the most important qualities of a great product and the team behind it. The vendor just can’t stop once the product is built. It is because technology changes on a daily basis. So are your preferences, trends, and behaviors. 

So, you must check whether such product improvements and updates have been announced in the past. This ensures that the software not only keeps abreast with the development in technology but also with the user trends and behaviors.

Find the best Customer Onboarding Software that you’re looking for!

It is important to delight your customers from the moment they subscribe to your product. And the best way to achieve so is through a fantastic customer onboarding process. That’s why you should focus on onboarding software that will help you get exceptional customer experiences. Consider what you need your platform to achieve, then look at the features listed above.

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