5 webinars from CustomerSuccessBox

5 most popular Webinars of CustomerSuccessBox

Webinars are a condensed and easy way to find out more about a topic you like. Customer Success is expanding its reach and is becoming increasingly pertinent. You might already know about customer satisfaction or customer experience, but it’s time to get up to speed with CS. We’ve gathered some of the popular CustomerSuccessBox webinars.

Customer Onboarding Template

5 Most Popular CustomerSuccessBox Webinars.

We assure you that if you watch all these webinars, you’ll know what the successful Customer Success leaders think and feel about the customer success world. Also, you’ll get to know how they carry out the crucial processes themselves.

Webinar 1 – How to Onboard Customers Remotely

Why Attend:

Customers come in all shapes and sizes and their Onboarding needs to be aligned to their needs. Due to the global Covid -19 lockdown restrictions, remote Onboarding is the perfect solution. 

But you cannot leave every customer to a pure tech touch. Especially customers who are paying $10K- 100K ACV(Average Contract value) per year, given the challenges of the underlying problem your SaaS is solving for them. Onboarding remotely requires a different approach and mindset.

Join us to discuss onboarding customers remotely on this webinar.


Learn the right strategy and approach to Onboarding customers remotely.


Puneet Kataria, Founder, and CEO of CustomerSuccessBox

Link: Onboarding Customers Remotely

Webinar 2 – How to do Churn analysis

How to do churn analysis

Why Attend:

Churn is not just a Customer Success problem. It cuts across the product, support, pricing, usage, customer success, user experience, the solution we are offering, and more.

Churn is inevitable. Period. But the better we analyze churn, the better we will be at reducing the churn. So, It’s time we set up a process to analyze our own churn. Or we will never learn or even worse we will learn with assumptions and from half-baked data. 

This webinar helps you to open your minds to learning ways to analyze and hence reduce churn and how to do it right.


Churn Analysis Template

Learn a proven framework for Churn analysis and get control of your churn


Puneet Kataria and Anu Dudhat, Head of Customer Success & Products at CustomerSuccessBox

Link: How to do churn analysis

Webinar 3 – Get to 125% ARR Retention FASTER with AI

Why Attend:

Customers are at various stages of the life cycle, adoption, maturity, plans, and even expectation. Knowing what is the best action plan to drive customer success for each account takes years of experience and understanding. 

The reality is that with hundreds of data points, it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend, analyze, correlate and configure rules for Account health and alerts with accurate thresholds. 

Sheldon(we call our AI) will scan thousands of data points, past user behavior, CSM’s activities, and engagement with customers to learn what actions and behavior lead to retention. There is more to show & tell. Want to hear the rest of the story? See AI live in action? Join us for the webinar!


  • Learn about the state of Customer Success technology and impact of AI in Customer Success
  • Walkthrough  of Sheldon[AI] and its capabilities
  • Hearing it from the Industry expert- Aaron Thompson
  • Hear from the early adopters of Sheldon[AI]


Puneet Kataria with Antony Lipman is CustomerSuccess and training manager at Practi Test- a leading end-to-end test management platform and Aaron Thompson is a General Partner at SuccessHACKER, the leading provider of Customer Success Enablement and Education.

Link: Get to 125% ARR retention faster with AI

Webinar 4- Customer Success Strategy for an Economic Downturn

Why Attend:

As the Director of Customer Advocacy, it is Ari Hoffman’s mission to help Coveo’s customers share their journeys.

Discovering, building, and promoting the success of their Experience Intelligence Heroes helps their customers be better customers, helps prospects better understand the value of partnering with them, and helps Coveo better understand how to serve a growing community.

Key Takeaway:

This live webinar will involve a discussion on the fundamental role of a customer success team in an economic recession. Such as the one caused by COVID-19.

Unlike a regular business where new sales are necessary to keep the revenue coming in, a B2B SaaS business runs on the “subscription model”.


Puneet Kataria with Ari Hoffman, Global Director of Customer Advocacy at Culture Amp

LInk: Customer Success Strategy for Economic downturn

Webinar 5- Is Customer Success automation right for you?

Why attend

Rach is a Customer Success Professional with over 14 years of experience building and scaling Customer Support & Success Programs in the B2B, B2C, and NPO spaces.

Rach has a deep passion for customer support & troubleshooting, collaborative creative problem solving & strategy building, training, and customer advocacy. She channels this passion into creating world-class customer-centered, customer success programs that enable customers to take their goals to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • How to know if Customer Success Automation is right for you?
  • What are your automation resources?
  • Potential scope of automation
  • Onboarding, Up-sell, Renewals, Feedback and Advocacy


Puneet Kataria with Rach SebellShavit, VP of Coaching Impact at AceUp.

Link: Customer Success automation

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