5 elements of Customer Success

5 Core Components of Customer Success

Customer Success is important for SaaS companies because they’re a constant voice of the customer for your business. Understanding your customer, Customer Success can be a major key to your company’s success. Customer success can be broken into five core components. Here’s what we’ve seen, you speak to so many leaders in customer success and everybody can sort of put different priorities on different elements of success. For someone it’s all about reporting, for someone it’s all about renewal, and to someone, it’s on to upsells and so forth. So what does customer success really break down to? Without further ado, let’s look at these elements of customer success. Continue reading!  

5 Core Pieces of Customer Success

Onboarding Success

Onboarding success is the first pillar. When customers have a lackluster onboarding experience, it will make your business suffer. A new user isn’t familiar with your software. Hence you have to design your onboarding process in a way that helps the customer understand the basics of the software.

If your onboarding process is really well designed it will help customers to build trust in you right from the start. Successful onboarding is the first and the most important step for overall customer success 

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Customer Onboarding Template

Product Success

Leading up to product success. Has the customer adopted the product? After onboarding, your customer has to adopt your product. A way to measure your product success is simply by identifying the requirements and needs of your customer. If the customer’s problems are solved using your product, it indicates your product is successful.

Three Things that ensure product success:

  1. Narrow the scope of your Product 
  2. Identify customer concerns
  3. Define boundaries for failure and success

Customer Success

You are putting in efforts for customer onboarding. You are trying your best to keep your products updated and upgraded. But what is the main aim of your business? Yes, it is customer success. This is where you analyze if your customer is being able to achieve the outcomes that your sales committed and promised them.

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Company Success

This is where you start measuring your own success associated with and leading from the first three pillars. Which is, have you started to get 130% MRR on retention, upsells, growth, renewals, less logo churn, or more retention. So that’s company success when you see all of these pieces translating into the core company and more success essentially falling on them.

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Team Success

And the fifth which is actually not being spoken a lot about, according to me is a key piece to all this. The team that makes all of this happen, team success. Are you able to give credit, attributes and recognize and reward the team members of the team who delivered on all these accessories?


So these are the five key pieces to customer success. Onboarding success, product success, customer success, company success, and team success. These 5 key aspects to customer success need an ideal focus and attention if you are to ensure your company’s present and future success.

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Swagata is Head of Marketing at CustomerSuccessBox. Advocate for great customer experience. She is an avid traveler and when she is not working always on the lookout for new places to explore.