11 Easy Customer Success Automation to Scale SaaS business!

Automation provides you the sixth instinct and an additional hand to create more productive engagements across all your accounts. In this day and age, all B2B SaaS firms want to optimize Automation to scale Customer Success in their organizations. Automation of the basic tasks such as the following can be easy.

  • Sending follow-up emails, 
  • Outreaching with new alerts,
  • Recognizing ideal outreach times,
  • Arranging meeting requests, etc. 

You never miss an opportunity to capitalize on your customers’ most pressing pain issues, requirements, wishes, etc. Automation helps you achieve this by scripting recurring tasks and trigger-based messaging depending on the behavior, lifecycle, or product usage. By showing up for them every time their actions say so, and without them ever saying a word, you become more attuned to their personal reality and product experience.

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Why is Automation important to scale Customer Success?

Keeping track of every milestone, client interaction, and escalation can be a difficult task. Especially if you’ve thousands of customers. Managing your customers and their success path as a SaaS company is a meticulous process. SaaS businesses across the globe lose a chunk of their revenue due to poor customer service or experience. Even if you can handle everything brilliantly today, how will you automate for 3X or 4X growth tomorrow?

That’s where ‘Automating Customer Success’ comes into play. Customer Success automation could simply solve the majority of these negative interactions. Customer Success automation, like any other feature, aims to strengthen and optimize business activities. 

Simply put, Customer Success automation helps the Customer Success Manager to:

  • Lessen corporate costs;
  • Reduce client wait times; 
  • Remove human error; 
  • Concentrate on more important, difficult jobs

Let’s see how automation can scale customer success. 

Automated Workflows for Repeatable Tasks 

At CustomerSuccessBox, we create the workflows as shown in the image below.

Workflow Automation image

Alerts for new accounts.

As soon as a new account is assigned, ensure sure the customer success manager is notified and is able to contact the customer right away to kick-start the relationship. With a delayed shift from Sales to Customer Success, you risk losing the customer’s momentum and excitement.

Reminder emails 

It’s super important to remind the users through emails about crucial points. For example- about failure to make a payment or a credit card that is about to expire. When it’s time to renew, your consumer shouldn’t be startled. Remind them of their approaching renewal when it’s still a while away. Send reminders to only the contacts who need them, and create tasks for yourself to assess their ROI and recommend possible upsells.

Self-Onboarding for new customers

Get new users up and running quickly. When they initially log into your product, greet them and tell them about the human and technical resources accessible to them. Make suggestions for ‘getting started’, and monitor the user to see if they are comfortable. If there are any hiccups in following the procedures, then reach out to assist them.

Customer Onboarding Template

Human Intervention Tasks 

It’s perfect when your process tells when to bring a human to further the interaction. 

Human Intervention task Automation image

Keep customers on track.

When Accounts needs a little extra help staying on track, bring in a human. Could a consumer who already uses feature X benefit from utilizing feature Y as well? Introduce the consumer to feature Y, explain the benefits, and walk them through the process with written and/or video training. 

Resolve Critical errors asap. 

Customers can be frustrated or perplexed by mistakes or issues in any product or service. When these issues occur, make sure your CSMs are notified. Send customers information on how to address/resolve the problem as soon as possible. And follow up with a personal communication to ensure that the problem has been resolved. 

Automated Engagement to drive product adoption

Engagement automation image


The initial few weeks or months of a customer’s lifecycle are crucial. Identify and track major milestones, and congratulate customers who reach them while encouraging them to move on to the next. If a customer misses a deadline, get in touch with them when they go far off course.

Announcements about new features.

Instead of waiting for clients to (maybe) discover new features on their own, assist them in exploring them. Keep track of how often this new function is being used and proactively approach the most engaged clients for feedback.

Engagement Opportunities- Seasonal

Is there a holiday or other significant time of year approaching for your customers? During this period, be a resource for them by providing extra assistance and specific resources/webinars/guides. Make sure you’re a part of their growing success during important seasons for their business.

Touch-point Automation

With customer success automation, you’ll never miss a touchpoint for any lifecycle event, whether it’s a renewal, upsell, or executive business review. Check out the image to see how CustomerSuccessBox does it.

Touchpoint Automation image

Provide guidance during the trial period.

When a new trial enrolls, stay in touch with them throughout the duration of their trial. Offer a lot of educational information at the start of the time. Remind customers to purchase after their sample period ends to avoid service interruptions. Bring them back with special offers/discounts if any purchase doesn’t occur.

Educational Emails to Users 

Utilize automation to send helpful content-based emails to customers at different stages of their lifecycle, such as onboarding, adoption, renewal, and expansion. When a user first registers up for a trial, provide “getting started” advice and instructive information.

Alerts for ‘Drop in Feature usage’

Do not really wait for a regular review to find out that your customer isn’t using the product, especially the sticky features. Set utilization levels for essential features and engage customers proactively if they fall below them. Concentrate on the value that the feature can provide, as well as starting with small and gradually increasing usage.

Wrapping up…

Customer Success Automation puts all your repeatable and scalable tasks in auto-pilot mode. As a result, it allows you and your team to focus on more important tasks, such as resolving a problem, building a client connection, or increasing account coverage. When you have the capacity to accomplish more, you may welcome a new group of clients without overtaxing your staff or jeopardizing your company’s image.

Scale your customer success program using CustomerSuccessBox. It helps by enabling personalized and consistent Customer Success Automation at Scale, you can eliminate missed opportunities and boost CSM productivity. 

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