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Top Customer Success Resources in 2018

top customer success resources

What’s one thing that SaaS companies have in common other than subscription-based business models? Yes, you guessed it right. Customer Success. Customer Success is a relatively new field for growing SaaS business. We keep coming across people who are unsure of how should they build customer success at their companies. 

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The Essential Guide to Choosing a Customer Success Platform

Customer Success Platform Buying Guide

About buyer’s guide Customer Success is a relatively new approach for growing SaaS business. We continue to come across people who are unsure of how they should go about customer success as a practice and how should they choose a customer success platform from the plethora of options available in

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5 Steps to defining a perfect Customer Onboarding process for a SaaS Customer

Customer Onboarding Playbook

Customer onboarding is the key to increasing LTV and reducing customer churn in SaaS. The seeds of retention are sown a lot sooner than what most SaaS businesses think. Maximum churn for SaaS customer happens in the first 90 days after signups. Making the first 90 days the most crucial period in influencing

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Ten Interview Questions to hire the best Customer Success Manager (CSM)

customer success manager interview questions

Customer Success is where the battle for growth is being fought for every SaaS company and Customer Success Manager or CSM is the foundation for any successful customer success team. Hence, finding the right CSM is extremely important for every SaaS company. So how do we identify the best Customer Success Manager? Here

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