Best Customer Success Practices followed by Influencers

Learn the “Customer Success Best Practices” from the best in the industry
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Customer Success Influencers share tips you can implement to deliver a better customer experience.

“What are the best practices that I can follow in Customer Success to keep that revenue coming in?” Do you ask this question often? If yes, then download this e-book to get a glimpse of what other Customer Success influencers follow in their SaaS firms.
Best Practices
Learn the best practices from Industry leaders
Get to know their experience on how they handle CS processes
Pointers to recap the best practices that influencers follow

15 Chapters Included

Get insights directly from Industry leaders who you look up to for their experience and expertise.
Guy Galon - The Vice President of Customer Success, Hysolate
Jeff Heckler - The Director of Customer Success, Market Source Inc
Shai Rybak - The Vice President of Customer Success, BlueDot
Emily Garza - The Vice President of Customer Success, Proton
Duda Koch - The Co-Founder & CRO, Sales Hackers
Dana Alvarenga - The Vice President of Customer Success, SlapFive

Did you just start as a customer success manager? Or want to excel in the current position?

What are you waiting for? Understand what it takes, analyze how to be, and execute what it asks for, to be great at it by learning from the e-book, now!
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