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Customer Success Automation with Targeted, Scalable and Repeatable Customer Journeys

Automate repeatable lifecycle activities with best-in-class Customer Success Automation which facilitates human-intervention as and when required.

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customer success automation workflows

Automated Workflows for Repeatable Tasks

Design automated customer success workflows for customers through their lifecycle. Key use cases could be account assignment, self-onboarding drip for new customers and renewal reminder emails.

Automated Customer Success Journey

Human Intervention Task (HIT)

Bring in a human when Accounts can do with a little help to keep them on track.

  • Last login was more than n days ago
  • Product usage dips alarmingly
  • Key milestones for the lifecycle haven’t been met
human intervention task
Product Adoption Journey

Drive Product Adoption with automated engagement

Guide new accounts through their lifecycle.

Key use cases:

  • Share high value action steps with a new user over a self-onboarding drip
  • Reach out if new users face challenges in adopting the product

Don’t ever miss a Touchpoint

Never miss a touchpoint with customer success automation for any lifecycle event, be it renewal, upsell or an executive business review.

  • Educational emails to new users
  • Send emails to feature users to expose them to new features
  • Alert users when their usage drops off for a particular feature
create customer success automation emailcustomer success automation email

Scale your customer success practice like a team twice your size

Use CustomerSuccessBox to reduce missed opportunities and increase CSM productivity by facilitating Targeted and Repeatable customer success automation at scale.

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