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Giving You X-Ray Vision Into Account Churn

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AI generated proactive SMART recommendations for CSM

AI analyses the behavioural patterns of previously churned and retained customers and based on that it assigns a retention probability to an individual account that shows the likelihood of retaining that particular account.

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  • AI recommendations are of 3 kinds-Anomaly: it will highlight unusual increases and drops in different features used by your customers.
  • Product Adoption-give you account wise recommendations for which areas of products where adoption can be improved  
  • Engagement- monitor your engagement with customers to nudge you to get in touch with the right customer at the right time.

Retain Customers at Scale

  • The comprehensive view of your customers and SMART recommendations help you scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.
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Automated Customer Emails
Share high value action steps over automated emails
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Upsell Signals
Get a forecast of when to upsell to which account
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Account Risk Tracking
Auto generate risk alerts for accounts for CSM intervention
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