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Grow multi- million dollar portfolio with best in-class customer success software

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The most intelligent and actionable customer success software

Empower your customer success team with the best in class customer success software to grow multi-million dollar portfolios

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Manage Account Success plan

  • View the account 360 to find the Product Adoption health status of your accounts and know how well your customers are using the features of your product
  • Put up the Risk or confidence you have with the customer based on your interaction and health score as per your understanding of the customer lifecycle.

Viewing the 90-day timeline of an account

  • Get a quick peek at the different actions taken by the users for the past 90 days. It has a  visual representation of product usage metrics and consumption metrics for each of your customers
  • Viewing the details about Milestone, Outcomes, Playbooks, Open tasks and alerts, Journeys using Accounts 360 page to know how well the customer has adopted the product and  how far has achieved the business outcomes
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Automated Customer Emails
Share high value action steps over automated emails
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Automated Onboarding
Guided playbooks and milestone for faster time to value
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Product Adoption Software
Track product usage at all levels
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