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CustomerSuccessBox evaluates Account health daily. It monitors all angles, from relationship to financial and from product support to product adoption. So that you don't have to see any surprise come up on the renewal dates.

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Monitor Real time Account health

  • Monitor Account health, get actionable Risk alerts in real time. Understand Who needs hand holding, When and Why. Get ahead of churn. De-risk accounts with proactive interventions
  • Every Customer segment has their own unique requirements for its needs.  With CustomerSuccessBox you can define health for each segment differently. Get the real picture that is applicable for that segment.
  • Track data from all relevant system, by integrating customer engagement, customer financials, customer support tickets and product adoption.

Account Health 360

  • Track product adoption signals like frequency of usage, key usage milestones, license utilisation to calculate product adoption health
  • Track Financial signals like revenue trend, due invoices, days since last renewal to calculate Financial health
  • Track critical unresolved tickets, frequency of new conversations, and satisfaction score trend to calculate Service health
  • Track signals like touchpoint frequency, recency of touchpoint and touchpoint by channel to calculate Relationship health
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Account Success Plan
Know the status of the business Outcome of all the accounts
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AI Retention Probability
Knowing which customers are going to renew is easier
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Account Risk Tracking
Auto generate risk alerts for accounts for CSM intervention
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