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Welcome to the Subscription Economy. Everything is now available at $/month and the way we do business has fundamentally changed. The customer expects measurable business impact and trackable ROI. So, the traditional practices of customer acquisition and reactive support are not enough anymore.

For SaaS companies, 95%-80% of the LTV is locked in recurring revenue. So the secret to SaaS growth is to retain and upsell to customers. Grow Fast or Die Slow.

Businesses don’t know who will Renew, Buy more or is at Risk until it’s too late!

While existing customer success solutions provided a ton of information, they did not enable actionability. Customer Success managers kept juggling between multiple software windows, making the job highly inefficient. Thus, there was a clear need for a solution to engage with the customers from the same platform. From that vision we built the all-in-one solution for customer success that goes beyond health scores and viewing portfolios.

CustomerSuccessBox is an Actionable Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS businesses. By enabling every Customer Success Manager to manage hundreds of accounts while growing a multi million dollar portfolio, we want to lower the cost of extending success programs. Thereby enabling customers even with lower ARPA or ACV to enjoy the benefits of a success program.



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At CustomerSuccessBox, you will have the opportunity to experience the second wave of customer success software via an all-in-one actionable platform for B2B SaaS companies.

If you are passionate about making customers happy and successful, get in touch with us today.


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