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Making Customer Success Actionable

Our Story

Welcome to the Subscription Economy. Everything is now available at $/month and the way we do business has fundamentally changed. The customer expects measurable business impact and trackable ROI. So, the traditional practices of customer acquisition and reactive support are not enough anymore.

SaaS and the issue of Churn

B2B SaaS and subscription businesses bleed churn and struggle with customer retention. Customer churn is the biggest blocker of growth; it’s like trying fill up a leaky bucket. Such businesses cannot continue to operate with the old ‘reactive’ support model. CustomerSuccessBox was built from a clear need for a solution that could deliver ‘proactive’ customer success.

More Success per Success Manager

Technology should enable more accounts per CSM. Only then we’ll be able to roll out success programs for even lower ARPA (Average Revenue per Account) customers. We look at technology as enabler of efficiency. From orchestrating attention to taking corrective actions, every success manager’s need should be enabled by the platform

The role of Customer Success technology

Lagging indicators, such as NPS and feedback, often flag the pain when it is too late. Customer Success technology needs to provide a ‘leading’ indicator of churn risk by monitoring product usage and tracking value delivered on a real-time basis. But this is only the starting point. From the point of drawing a success manager’s attention to the right account, well ahead in time, technology should further enable the CSM to act on it.

The ‘Inside’ Customer Success Managers

Success managers are delivering more and more success remotely or in a hybrid mode of 80% inside and 20% field. There expectation from the technology platform are very different from a traditional field account managers. We serve the new ‘Inside’ customer success manager (CSM).

Need for Actionability

While existing customer success platforms provided a ton of information, they did not enable actionability. CSMs kept juggling between multiple software windows, making the job highly inefficient. Thus, there was a clear need for a solution to engage with the customers from the same platform.



End Users Tracked


Events Logged

30,000,000+ events


2200+ events per second

Why CustomerSuccessBox?

From the above vision, we built the all-in-one solution for customer success that goes beyond health scores and viewing portfolios – CustomerSuccessBox, an Actionable Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS businesses.

CustomerSuccessBox enables success across all lifecycle stages – trial, conversion, onboarding, retention, upsell and renewal.

It enables every CSM to manage hundreds of accounts while growing a multi-million dollar portfolio.

It lowers the cost of delivering success per customer. Thereby enabling customers even with lower ARPA or ACV (Annual Contract Value) to enjoy the benefits of a customer success program.


CustomerSuccessBox Team

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CustomerSuccessBox is an Actionable customer success platform for B2B SaaS.

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