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Customer Success Software

Reduce Customer Churn with All in one Customer Success Software


The all-in-one Customer Success Software.

No more juggling between disconnected tools.

Onboard, retain, grow customers like never before.

Customer Success Software Lifecycle

Introduction to Customer Success Software



Building a 360-degree view of a customer requires data from multiple sources. CustomerSuccessBox is constantly integrating more data sources and systems to provide a complete view. Our vision is to integrate with various systems, such as:

  • CRM systems to bring in complete purchase history
  • Customer Support systems to understand onboarding and product adoption hurdles
  • SaaS Billing systems to get a handle on payment history, upcoming invoices, recurring revenue
  • Customer Engagement systems to monitor and measure all the
  • NPS and Feedback systems to track customer satisfaction
    and loyalty aspects.

"Within weeks of implementing CustomerSuccessBox, we were able to foresee potential account churns by monitoring Account Health Scores. Warning came in early enough for our customer success team to engage in time. In most cases we were successful in retaining the customer. With this pace we are going to reduce the churn rate by 50% by end of the year."

Vivek Saini, Head Of Customer SuccessQDC

Best Customer Success Software to…

Retain Customers

Retaining customers requires a proactive mindset and a plan to ensure customer succeed in achieving their desired outcome. Specialized tools that draw CSMs attention to the right account, at the right time and with a 360 degree view of the customer.

Onboard Customer

Onboarding customers require a well laid down plan for onboarding even before a customer sign-up. No next week, no excuses. Everyone needs to be onboarded in the first 30 days.

Forecast Revenue

Wondering which customers will are going to growth, stay or churn out? Get a handle on the getting an accurate recurring revenue forecast.

Monitor Customer Health & Track Product Usage

No more guessing, monitor exactly how are customers engaging with the product. When they login, how long they spend, which modules are being used the most, how frequently every feature is invoked. Use these actionable insights to deliver value.

Grow Accounts

Accounts won’t grow merely by proving reactive traditional support. Be the trusted advisor. Nurture a win-win relationship by helping customer achieve their desired outcome and right customer experience.

Empower Customer Success managers (CSM)

Convert your Customer Success managers into growth machine, by empowering them with tools to drive portfolio growth. Use tools that are specifically designed for them and provide them everything they need to do their job in one single place, Onboarding, monitoring health, communicating, forecasting, driving reviews, referrals and getting a complete 360 degree view of their customers from a single customer success platform.

In this ebook we have highlighted Customer Success Strategies that can help you Reduce Customer Churn within 90 days. You learn how to analyze churned customers, how to segment customers by various types of churn and multiple strategies to tackle each churn type.

Visit our blog to learn all about customer success, from theories to practice. It captures thoughts, views, how to guides, opinions, discussions and more in this customer success blog. Read about how to reduce customer churn, manage the portfolio, choosing the right customer success software, build and leading and leading a customer success team and a lot more.