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Get to 130%+ MRR Retention

CustomerSuccessBox is an AI Powered Customer Success Software to Onboard, Retain, Upsell & drive MRR Growth for B2B SaaS.

Integrates in a few clicks with

Billions of events logged. 250,000+ Accounts and  1 million+ Users monitored Daily!

Top Rated Customer Success Software

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One tool to have updated data about your accounts, easy to use and understand.

Angela, Customer Success Manager at Pipedrive

Excellent Success Platform

Barton, Customer Success Manager at Sensemetrics

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Don’t leave revenue growth to chance. Never run blind again!

Customer Success Software is mission-critical to 130% MRR retention. Without it, Customer Success teams more-often-than-not can only act when it’s already too late.

MRR Growth with Customer Success Software

What has changed?

Teams powered by CustomerSuccessBox rely on leading indicators to act on the right account at the right time, reducing missed opportunities.

Smart playbooks combined with milestones results in consistent delivery of desired outcomes, putting your SaaS on a predictable path to 130% MRR Retention.

Customer Spotlight

CustomerSuccessBox provides a 360-degree customer view and end-to-end customer success management. Without having to switch platforms, we now have instant insights on account health, product adoption, plus risk alerts and upsell triggers. The platform enables us to automate customer success at scale without losing the human touch.

Gustavo Bianco Head of Customer Success

Without CustomerSuccessBox, we were managing things through our CRM or spreadsheets and that was not dynamic. CustomerSuccessBox allowed us to see exactly what the customers are doing and how often they were logging in. On top of having the visibility, we could create alerts or automate playbooks to guide the customers.

Thiago Nascimento Director of Customer Success

We chose CustomerSuccessBox primarily because it covers all the use cases that we needed for our Customer Success. Customer success affects the expansion of our business and customer satisfaction.

Sergey Sundukovskiy CTO/CPO, Co-founder

Before CustomerSuccessBox, we had little awareness of which customer needed our help and who was happy. With CustomerSuccessBox’s custom account health and smart playbooks, we are no longer on the defensive. It helps our success managers take proactive actions to retain customers and reduce churn.

Enrique Novomisky Co-founder, WoowUp
Enrique Novomisky

Why CustomerSuccessBox?

automated customer success journey

Get up-and-running lightning fast

Start syncing data from your favorite SaaS apps in minutes, not weeks or months

Account & Users:

Product Adoption:

Support Tickets & Chats:

Subscription and Invoice:


Tasks, Notes and Events:

Key Features

Empower your customer success team with the best in class customer success software to grow multi-million dollar portfolios

Milestones & Alerts

Truly understand Product Adoption. Auto generate risk and upsell alerts to draw a success manager’s attention.


Time-bound playbooks and manage tasks to on-board, increase product adoption, renewals and upsells.


Apply segment specific strategies. Segment accounts and users by use case, location, industry, revenue, product usage.

Monitor Health

Auto monitor key parameters like usage frequency, features used, etc. that add up to account health.

360 degree view

Connect Analytics, CRM, Helpdesk, and Billing systems to get a 360 view of each account.


Get the big picture of every CSM’s portfolio. Track portfolio growth, retention rate and engagement.

Communication & Tasks

E-mail, make calls and manage tasks all from within a single platform to boost productivity by 2X.

Campaigns & Automation

Send campaigns to customers based on pre-defined triggers. Reach out to retain or expand the right account at the right moment.


Learn everything about Customer Success to improve your processes!

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The Customer Success Leader’s 30-60-90 Day Plan

This ebook will help in making the first 90 days plan when you are hired as the first Customer Success Leader in a company.

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Deepdive: Impact of Internal Customer Success

Understand the similarities between external and internal customer success. Framework to visualize the impact.

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